On July 1, the decisions of the DPRK ISG Coordination Committee came into force - the optimization of "Bulgeunbyeol TV" began

On June 21, an online meeting of the Coordination Committee was held.

The Chairman of the Coordination Committee and the Editor-in-Chief of Bulgeunbyeol TV Alexander Mostov led the meeting.

The meeting was attended by representatives of our organization in the regions Li Jizheng (PRC) and Anna Bertova (CIS).

Comrade Mostov emphasized the need to quickly overcome the negative situation caused not only by external factors, but also by internal mistakes in the work. The members of the Coordination Committee alternately assessed the state of affairs and self-criticized the mistakes made.

The following key decisions were made:

1. Georgii Abzianidze and Fritz Schmidt were relieved of their posts on the Cordination Committee.

2. Comrade Li Jizheng has been appointed Acting Chairman of the Preparatory Committee for Important Dates and Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Bulgeunbyeol TV,.

3. In order to optimize the operation of "Bulgeunbyeol TV," and reduce the load on the server, from July 1, support for Spanish, German and Ukrainian languages ​​completely ceases.

4. To prevent further data loss, an open archive of KCTV news and music videos will be created on the "".

5. Within seven days from July 1, the categories "Español", "Deutsch" and "Українська" should be completely removed from the site "" as part of the optimization.

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