Politically Outdated News Removed

   April 20, Moscow (DPRK ISG Information Bureau)   


KCNA removed a number of politically outdated news items in connection with the decision that Korea could not be reunified.

Among the deleted materials were a news report about the results of the December Plenum of the WPK Central Committee, a speech by the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un during the celebration of Navy Day, as well as articles mentioning “reunification” and organizations supporting it.

In addition, many articles using both the derogatory terms "puppets" (괴뢰) and "puppet gang" (괴뢰패당) and more friendly terms such as "South Korea" (남조선) have been removed.

These measures were taken along with the dissolution of the Central Committee of the Democratic Front for the Reunification of Korea (23 March 2024) in a reality where inter-Korean relations have become no longer tribal relations, no longer homogeneous relations, but relations between two hostile states, relations between two warring states.

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