Primary Cell in Sergiev Posad is Successfully Developing

   June 3, Sergiev Posad (DPRK ISG Information Bureau - RSTV)   


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During May, under the leadership of Comrade Georgy Dmitriev, the development of the Primary Cell of the DPRK ISG in Sergiev Posad was actively promoted.

During the classes of the Russian-Korean Friendship Club at the Sergiev Posad Socio-Economic College, the autobiography of the Great Leader Comrade Kim Il Sung “With the Century” was studied. Since one of the club’s activists suffers from blindness, readings were organized to ensure inclusive education.

As part of practical work, studying the life of anti-Japanese partisans, Club activists worked intensively to have time to make as many helmets and camouflage nets for the fighters on the front line before the holidays, and they did an excellent job.

Master classes from the “JoJacks of Moscow and the Moscow Region” continue to serve as an excellent support for our activists. Each new crest turns out better than the previous one, and more and more students are involved in their creation.

Comrade Dmitriev, as the Head of the Club, has already handed over 23 crests to the JoJack Headquarters for further transportation to the combat zone. He expressed special gratitude to Irina Klygina, who weaves excellent foundations for the crests with which activists later work.

During the existence of the humanitarian direction of the Club, 7 camouflage nets were handed over to our friends from the 101st Volunteer Regiment of Sergiev Posad, who provided a machine for weaving nets and gave our activists a demonstration master class at the very beginning of their humanitarian journey. These networks, we are confident, will serve the frontline warriors very well.

The Head of the Club expressed gratitude to all activists who took part in weaving crests and camouflage nets: Arina Mansurova, Arina Kislenkova, Maria Ponomareva, Ekaterina Alekseeva, Darina Alekseeva, Elena Dergacheva, Varvara Ishtryakova, Arman Ksyupov, Vladislav Noskov, Vadim Averin, Platon Platonov, Ilya Fedorov and Igor Matveev.


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