Round Table "Victory of the Korean people in the Fatherland Liberation War" Held

   July 24, Moscow (RSTV)   


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— First Day of the 2nd International Congress of Solidarity —

On July 15, within the framework of the 2nd International Solidarity Congress, a round table "Victory of the Korean people in the Fatherland Liberation War" was held.

It was attended by representatives of the DPRK Embassy, senior officials of the DPRK International Solidarity Group from the regions of Russia, Belarus and Germany, student youth, as well as leaders of the largest friendly political parties and public organizations. Journalists from Russia, the US and China attended as observers.

Alexander Mostov, Chairman of the Coordination Committee of the DPRK ISG, declared the first day of the Congress open. Comrades Kim Song U (Advisor to the Ambassador of the DPRK in Russia), Viktor Petrov (Chairman of the Russian Society for Friendship and Cultural Cooperation with the DPRK) and Stanislav Vasiliev (Russian video blogger) took their places on the presidium.

Below is the full list of speakers:

  1. Daria Kadkina (Head of the Russian Executive Committee and Head of the Study of Juche Ideas in the Altai Republic as part of the DPRK ISG)
  1. Kim Yong Ju (Chairman of the Club of Russian-Korean Friendship of the Diplomatic Academy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation and Advisor to the Coordination Committee of the DPRK ISG)
  1. Tim Trendelkamp (Ideological Leader of the European Executive Committee of the DPRK ISG)
  1. Ilya Kleymenov (Deputy Chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Russia)
  1. Stanislav Vasiliev (Activist of the Russian Executive Committee of the DPRK ISG)
  1. Vitaly Lebedev (Military Expert of the Scientific Committee of the DPRK ISG)
  1. Alexander Kiyashchenko (Activist of the Russian Executive Committee of the DPRK ISG)
  1. Nikita Dobrov (Secretary of the St. Petersburg Regional Branch of the Komsomol of the Russian Federation, Deputy Chairman of the Youth Parliament under the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg, Regional Secretary of the DPRK ISG)



Comrade Darya Kadkina opened the round table as the new leader of the Russian Group of Solidarity with the DPRK.

Today, I want to draw your attention to the resilience and dedication shown by the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) during the Korean War. This important historical conflict, which began on June 25, 1950, had a strong impact on modern society and still inspires us with its strength and lessons.

The DPRK faced powerful and well-armed enemies during the war. Despite the difficult conditions and limited resources, the DPRK showed a high level of mobilization and fought against superior forces with great determination and strength. Its soldiers took great risks, defending their homeland and fiercely defending the ideals of freedom and independence. They embodied a true spirit of resistance and willingness to make sacrifices for the higher interests of their people.

The DPRK has demonstrated not only uncompromising resilience on the battlefield, but also a willingness to defend its independence and key principles. They were able to hold their ground and withstand the forces that sought to crush their resistance. This sublime display of confidence in our ideals inspires us and reminds us of the strength that comes from being principled and being true to our convictions.

The Korean War is also deeply imprinted in the collective memory of contemporary Koreans. They never forget the sacrifices and suffering experienced during the war. They remember those who bravely gave their lives in the struggle for the freedom and independence of their homeland. This experience gives them strength and determination to strive for peace and prosperity, and helps to strengthen their national identity and self-awareness. We should learn from the DPRK about tireless resilience and strength. Their struggle and resistance remind us to believe in our principles and to hope for a better future. This is a lesson we must learn and apply in our own lives.

May this story be a constant reminder of the strength and determination that we can find within each of us in difficult times. May it be a stimulus for peace, harmony and the pursuit of justice. The Korean War and the DPRK's resilience also highlight the importance of diplomacy and the peaceful resolution of conflicts. Instead of resorting to violence and military action, we should strive for dialogue, international cooperation and compromise. In addition, the history of the Korean War tells us about the importance of preventing new conflicts and the spread of violence. We must strengthen international cooperation to prevent wars, promote peace and support the diplomatic solution of conflicts.

It is interesting to note that since the Korean War, the DPRK has faced many challenges and difficulties, but continues to overcome them with courage and perseverance. This is an impressive example of how a people can emerge from a deep crisis and strive for progress and prosperity. We must encourage and support such efforts and aspirations for the development and well-being of our country.

Ultimately, the history of the Korean War and the resilience of the DPRK should serve as a reminder to us that no trial can break our spirit and will. We can overcome any difficulties and overcome obstacles when we believe in ourselves, our ideals and our ability to change the world.

May the history of the Korean War and the resistance of the DPRK be a constant source of inspiration, guidance and determination for us in building a better future for all our peoples. We can use their lessons and examples to move forward and create a more peaceful, stable and prosperous world.

The DPRK International Solidarity Group is an important organization that aims to develop friendly relations between the DPRK and Russia. The organization deserves praise for its significant work in this direction. This active and active group, led by Alexander Mostov, is an example of resilience and efficiency. We have seen more than once how Comrade Mostov and members of the organization have to constantly fight against ideological opponents in the public and non-public field. And that kind of perseverance inspires me a lot.

It is clear that dialogue and cooperation between the DPRK and Russia is of paramount importance in order to overcome differences and solve common problems. The International Solidarity Group with the DPRK urges the establishment of mutually respectful relations and cooperation on a mutually beneficial basis.

The DPRK International Solidarity Group actively cooperates with other organizations and supporters to develop and maintain friendly relations between the DPRK and Russia. They understand the importance of partnerships and building a network of support to ensure the development of friendships and sustainable peace.

In conclusion, the DPRK International Solidarity Group and its leader, Alexander Mostov, deserve deep respect for their work in developing friendly relations between the DPRK and Russia. Their resilience and effectiveness serve as an example for other organizations, including our Altai Society for the Study of the Juche Idea. They continue to make an important contribution to building peace, justice and mutual understanding between the peoples of the two countries.



Activist Stepan Vasiliev spoke on behalf of Comrade Kim Yong Ju, Chairman of the Russian-Korean Friendship Club of the Diplomatic Academy.

I would like to congratulate all those present on the upcoming Victory Day in the Korean War.

Protecting the motherland, when its fate was being decided, has always been a sacred tradition for the Korean people. With such feelings of genuine patriotism, the Koreans shed their blood for the fatherland.

July 27, 1953 went down in world history as a triumph of the Korean people, their unity and spiritual strength, an unprecedented feat at the front and in the rear, led by Comrade Kim Il Sung. Victory Day is near and dear to everyone. There is no family in Korea that has not been scorched by the Korean War. Her memory never fades. We are proud of the unconquered valiant generation of Koreans who crushed the Americans and bequeathed us to be vigilant, to do everything so that such a war does not happen again.

And today, the valiant Korean people, led by Comrade Kim Jong Un, are defending what they fought for before.

And I would also like to emphasize that even today the DPRK is an important and reliable partner of the Russian Federation, continues to be an example of inflexibility and opposition to US global domination. The events of last year showed us that Korea, despite the sanctions, supported Russia in its new policy and continued to be a bulwark against Western hegemony.

For Koreans, the well-being and security of the Motherland has always been the highest meaning of life, and devotion to the motherland has always been the main value and reliable support.



Comrade Tim Trendelkamp delivered a speech on behalf of the German people.

It is a great honor for me to address the representatives of the respected Russian people and the respected Korean people.

I would like to express my greetings and respect to all Russian soldiers who are currently fighting Western Satanists and villains. And I must apologize for the fact that the rulers of my people provided weapons to the enemies of the Russian people. I pronounce these words from the bottom of my heart as a German speaking in Russia.

As a German, I deeply sympathize with the plight of the Korean people. Although the Americans do not forbid us to use their national language, as the Japanese did in Korea, everything is moving in this direction.

Commander Kim Il Sung won the Korean War not only thanks to tactics and technology, but also thanks to deep philosophical ideas. Korean People's Socialism is deeply connected to the thousand-year history of the sons and daughters of Tangun, which ensures its vitality.

Korean socialism of its own kind, because of this reason, still proves its vitality and full support of the people, and can never collapse. Critics of the DPRK do not understand the popular and historical grounds of Korean socialism.

Today, the Korean people, under the leadership of Kim Jong Un, are selflessly standing up against US imperialism and the forces of globalism.

The DPRK sets an example of true independence for all the peoples enslaved by United States of Amerika, especially the peoples of the European Union, and Germansky is actively working so that the truth of the Korean people is known in our homeland. And we Germans can free ourselves from US oppression thanks to the Juche idea.



Comrade Ilya Kleymenov congratulated the participants of the Congress on behalf of Sergei Malinkovich, Chairman of the Central Committee of the Communists of Russia Party.

Dear Сomrades! Allow me to express greetings on behalf of the Central Committee of the Communist Party "Communists of Russia" to the representatives of the Embassy of the DPRK in the Russian Federation, to all participants in the congress!

Our interaction and joint work in strengthening friendly ties between Russia and the DPRK, in solidarity with the people of the DPRK, dates back many years. Representatives of the leadership of the DPRK ISG are constantly invited and speak at federal events held by our Party. Our representatives also take part in the events organized by the DPRK ISG.

And today the guys from the Pioneer organization of the KPKR named after Vasily Kuznetsov are with us.

All of us today are witnessing a significant strengthening of the structure and an increase in the scale of activities of the DPRK ISG. Undoubtedly, a significant contribution to expanding the range of activities and improving the quality of work of the DPRK ISG is being made by the leadership of the group headed by Comrade Mostov.

In the month of July, the Korean people and all the friends and associates of the DPRK celebrate a number of significant and memorable dates in history. Of course, this year is a special anniversary for all of us - the 70th anniversary of the Victory of the Korean people in the liberation war. July 27, 1953 became not only a symbol of the superiority of the Army and the people of the DPRK in the ideological and tactical-strategic terms over the numerical and technical superiority of the enemy, but also an unprecedented feat of the defenders of the freedom and independence of the country, who showed the whole world the vulnerability of the US military and the collapse of the villainous plans of the ruling circles of the West.

Schoolchildren-activists of the pioneer organization named after Vasily Kuznetsov presented the presidium of the Congress with a painting in honor of the 70th Anniversary of the Victory over the United States and gave a pioneer salute.



Comrade Stanislav Vasiliev, after the award ceremony, spoke about the role of Korea in the fight against US hegemony.

Thanks a lot! It's really a great honor for me. Moreover, just two weeks ago, Alexander told me about this. I did not count on any awards, I just said what I consider necessary. And I ask you to forgive me in advance for the simplicity of my statements, because I am still a representative of the Russian proletariat.

The DPRK is a truly great country, which impresses me, first of all, because it is, first of all, economic proof of the viability of socialism, because it stood alone against the whole world. And in a sense, I can associate myself with her, being alone against the entire video blogging and journalistic community. The interest in the DPRK is huge and many thanks to Alexander for helping me make revealing historical videos. We are actively engaged in this, because the truth cannot be hidden.

Secondly, the fact that the DPRK is still being suppressed, propaganda films are being made about it, they can’t calm down in any way, this suggests that somehow this liberal dogma has outlived its usefulness. They have been fighting against the DPRK, the Soviet Union and the socialist idea for so many years, but now we are at a turning point. Migration problems, the contradictions of capitalism show that we are on a new stage in the development of mankind, and most of all, of course, I worry about Russia in this regard: what will it be like? Will it become a springboard for the construction of socialism or will it plunge into the "Western bestiary".

Now Russia is torn apart by contradictions from within. Someone wants to go to the West, someone wants to build inside the country. And I, of course, am on the side of the latter. And the only thing I can do is help them with information. And the DPRK, unlike Russia itself, has never abandoned it. We remember how Russia supported the sanctions against the DPRK, but the DPRK still supported Russia in difficult times. It is very important.

I hope that the contradictions within our own country will sooner or later end in Victory for the patriots, at least for the time being, and then we will build socialism!



Comrade Vitaly Lebedev made a presentation on the relevance of the tactics of the Korean War in modern times.

Hello dear friends! Colleagues! Comrades!

On July 27, 1953, the people of the DPRK, under the leadership of the great leader Comrade Kim Il Sung, with the support of China and the Soviet Union, defeated the United States and its satellites, defending the sovereignty and socialist system of their national state.

Speaking of that terrible war, it cannot be compared with the current events of our days for many reasons, but perhaps we are already on the verge of such a war.

Misguided people will say that at that time the DPRK did not have nuclear weapons, that now the Korean people are completely safe. But this is not the case, nuclear weapons are only a means of deterrence when the stakes are not high and there are high risks of being defeated, otherwise, the United States and its most determined allies may go into a nuclear conflict with an attempt to land troops after nuclear strikes. Therefore, the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un leads not only the further development of nuclear forces, but also prepares for the war of the future, strengthening society and considering nuclear weapons as weapons for various purposes for various military operations. In this connection, the nuclear doctrine of the DPRK differs from ours and there is an interesting point in it in the principles of the use of nuclear weapons: “The DPRK does not threaten nuclear weapons and will not use them against non-nuclear countries as long as they have not participated in aggression or offensive actions against the DPRK in collusion with other nuclear states. Our doctrine, as they say now, has red lines above. The United States took advantage of this by drawing us into a military conflict with the entire NATO bloc by inciting a military conflict on the territory of the non-nuclear state of Ukraine and the new proclaimed territories of Russia. The United States is also conducting a hybrid war.

Of course, there are many nuances, you can spend a whole lecture on this topic, for example, the DPRK simply has no other way, since their operational depth is too small. But how can the experience of the Korean War and the DPRK as a whole be useful to us?

Firstly, this is the ability to quickly and instantly evacuate production and workers from the area of ​​combat contact to remote places in the rear. In North Korea, this was not just an evacuation, but going underground, which is much more difficult, as it requires various technical solutions to maintain life support and working conditions. This is possible only in a state where there is a clear planning system, well-organized government, and a cohesive population.

Secondly, it is the mobilization of scientific personnel, graduate students of technical industries to work part-time in the military-industrial complex. Mandatory internship and subsequent employment in the specialty. Scientific and engineering-technical positions should have the character of a high status of a citizen.

Thirdly, the management of enterprises should be people who have gone through a career in engineering and technical positions, while having professional knowledge and experience in management. Such management personnel have experience in development, production, or both, depending on the purpose of the enterprise, which allows them to best cope with the task. Direct communication with subordinates should be established for timely response and solving the personnel issue.

As for the conduct of hostilities, this is the professional use of sabotage and reconnaissance groups. If we recall the dark moments of the history of the Korean War, then during the retreat from the South of the Korean Peninsula, the KPA left the most courageous fighters and specialists behind enemy lines to carry out guerrilla and intelligence activities. To have a large number of such groups, it is necessary to have a powerful ideological core, since such an act of service to the Motherland in most cases entails death in an attempt to resist the enemy when exposed. This means that the country needs an ideology, and military operations should be of a different nature with clearer goals, where there is no place for intrigues.

As a result, I want to say that only a strong state, confident in its plans and personnel, having an ideology and excellent organization, can defend its people and their values!



Comrade Alexander Kiyashchenko made a report on the peculiarities of conducting an information war in modern conditions.

Hello! Like my friend Stanislav, I am a video blogger. We prefer to speak improvised, in our own words.

As a video blogger, I am engaged in the fact that I analyze, disassemble, refute various Western propaganda myths that are spread through the products of mass culture.

Why did I decide to do this a few years ago? Because, from my point of view, our society exists, how should I put it, in two parallel realities. This is an objective reality (that is, something that our subjective view does not have a direct impact on, for example, the laws of physics) and subjective reality (the worldview, the worldview that is formed in the minds of the masses with the help of political technologies, direct state propaganda). And it just so happened that for many people this subjective reality is often much more real than the objective reality, including for politicians of the highest echelon. And as proof of this, we can observe our historical moment. All these political crises at the highest level, which are pushing the world towards a new world war, are just the result of these processes.

If we take as an example the top politicians of the United States of America: what formed their worldview? These are people who grew up in the 50s, 60s, 70s, whose youth and youth fell at the height of the Cold War, respectively, at the peak state of the propaganda industry in cinema, in music, in culture, and in general - in general mass culture.

And I believe that it is high time to treat this in the same way as the state treats both military confrontation and economic war. The United States has been like this for a long time: they have a huge film business industry that cooperates with the secret services, an industry of social networks, video hosting, which also cooperates with the administration of the President of America and with the special services (in the last year, a lot of evidence of this appeared in documents). They take it seriously and seriously. And everyone who is following the news now, I think, is aware that now the countries that have fallen out of the political and economic mainstream, the Western mainstream imposed by Western countries, are working to create an alternative world order, alternative financial systems - an alternative to the global financial backup system.

It's all about economics and politics. I think that from a cultural point of view, we need to work in the same direction, to act on a grand scale. Because it is not easy for me, as a citizen of the Russian Federation, to observe how my fellow citizens, in fact, absorb and reproduce Western mythologemes - both about the Russian Federation and about the DPRK. We are now with the DPRK in this regard are in the same trench. And the principles of such propaganda are also identical. Comrade Mostov is especially aware of the activities of the so-called Russian “journalists” and “bloggers”, who, taking advantage of the long-standing good neighborly relations between our countries, went to the DPRK, filmed material there, stating one topic there, and as a result they released material that denigrates the DPRK according to Western patterns.

And at the same time, it is absolutely clear why this is happening: because we live in conditions of virtual monopolization of such things as YouTube video hosting, which can prove as much as it likes that there are some alternatives, but in fact it takes the position of an actual monopolist. And people, especially the younger generation, especially the environment of the creative intelligentsia - graphic artists, animators, video game developers, directors - they are susceptible to all this. And these are the people in whose hands the means of producing a media product will already be in the future. And then they themselves take these myths on faith and in the future they are engaged in the fact that they reproduce them.

I think that it will be a revelation for many Korean comrades if they learn that such things as the North Korean animated series Squirrel and Hedgehog are popular in the Russian Internet environment. We have fan communities on our social media that do fan translations. But it could be shown on Russian television, on Russian streaming services. You can engage in the exchange of cultural experience, as it was during the Soviet Union. You can engage in the exchange of experience between directors, do some joint projects.

Steps towards cultural unification must be taken. And I expect the first steps in this regard from my country, from the Russian Federation. Because, as a citizen of the Russian Federation, this policy is categorically incomprehensible to me, when our country supports the sanctions imposed by the UN - this is incomprehensible to me neither from a political, nor from a moral and ethical point of view.

And, as one well-known US diplomat said, summing up the Caribbean crisis - "every country has the right to exist and to guarantee security." This is about the nuclear program of North Korea, which I believe it has every right to, given the imperialist policy of the United States.

"Every country has the right to exist and to guarantee security." And I’ll add from myself: “every country except Ukraine”!



Comrade Nikita Dobrov delivered the closing speech.

Dear comrades! Dear friends! This is the fourth year that I have been involved in the DPRK ISG and I believe that we are doing a very good deed.

I am glad to welcome you on behalf of all the organizations associated with me. I would like to note that it is especially symbolic that our Congress is being held in the year of the 70th anniversary of the Victory of the Korean people in the war. It is impossible to build a sustainable peace without studying war.

From the very beginning of the formation of the DPRK, the Soviet country contributed to the development of Korea, and the Korean people went hand in hand with the Soviet people. Undoubtedly, the creation of such a socialist state on the Asian continent did not give rest to the imperialists and their henchmen. And during the Korean War, the Korean people once again confirmed that they were fighting for their right to build an independent socialist state.

I am convinced that the Victory in the war was largely due to the established trinity of the Soviet, Korean and Chinese people under the leadership of wise leaders - Kim Il Sung, Mao Zedong and Joseph Stalin.

The USSR provided assistance to Korea with the supply of weapons needed in the war zone, provided gratuitous assistance with food. It is very dear to me how reverently in Korea they treat the preservation of the memory of the dead Soviet pilots and officers. Many of them were young communists and Komsomol members. And this confirms the thesis that the only privilege that communists have in the course of hostilities is to be the first to the front line, to stand at the forefront of the struggle for the cause of the proletariat and the national liberation struggle.

The Communist Party of the Russian Federation has a strong friendship with the WPK. Communists and Komsomol members in our country are watching with great trepidation the achievements of the fraternal people in the fields of science and technology, health care and education, culture and art. Today, slanderous attacks against the fraternal socialist countries - Korea, China, Laos and Vietnam - are intensifying on the part of the guardians of capitalism.

In my opinion, our common task is to debunk such provocations in a timely manner and raise awareness of the true state of affairs in the socialist countries, which is what the DPRK ISG is doing successfully. Today we should learn from the experience of the DPRK in the struggle for socialism.

At one time, the Soviet Union passed on its experience to the DPRK, because. was the first state in the socialist world. And today the Russian Federation has a lot to learn from Korea.

Our struggle is not a matter of the past, but a matter of the future. Long live peace among nations! Long live the unanimity and solidarity of the working people! Long live international solidarity with socialist Korea!



On behalf of the presidium, Georgy Abzianidze, Activist of the Russian Executive Committee, announced the closing of the round table.

The head of our organization read out the preliminary list of members and candidate members of the Leadership Committee, the political council and the board of directors of the DPRK International Solidarity Group.

The revolutionary anthem "The Internationale" was played.

The first day of the Congress came to an end, the participants took pictures for memory.

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