The conservative pack of Hwang Kyo Ahn will never hide the truth about the Jeju Uprising!


The statement made on April 5th, 108 (2019) 


On April 3, 37 Juche (1948) a popular uprising began on the South Korean island of Jeju. It was against the “May 10th Separate Elections”, fabricated by the joint efforts of the United States and the traitorous Syngman Rhee to create a puppet state on the South. 

The heroic popular uprising of the Korean patriots reflected the unshakable will of the Korean people to reject the intervention of external forces and achieve an independent, independent reunion of the Motherland. Frightened by this, the Rhee Syng Man henchmen hastily mobilized and sent a military contingent to suppress a popular uprising. During a bloody sweep, they turned more than half of the villages on the island to ashes and brutally massacred more than 70,000 innocent people. 

Despite the fact that the people of the world have long been aware of the facts hidden under the guise of the "South Korean democracy", the US still has not apologized for the massacre perpetrated by the puppet army, and a conservative pack headed by traitor Hwang Kyo Ahn insults the memory of the participants of the uprising, calling them "communist provocateurs." 

Members of the "Liberty Korea Party" are the descendants of pro-American minions who turned the puppet South Korea into an anti-people hell for more than half a century. History shows that whenever the power of the “conservatives” was threatened, they conducted anti-popular repression under the pretext of eliminating the “threat of the North”. Is it possible to allow this party of traitors, raging in vain attempts to restore their dictatorial regime, to insult with impunity the honor and dignity of the participants in a popular uprising? 

Our editorial team, as well as the entire progressive public, recognizes that the heroic struggle of the Korean patriots on Jeju Island is a fair rebellion against the anti-people power of Rhee Syng Man. Conservative pack of Liberty Korea Party, following the path of confrontation with its compatriots, will be completely ruined by the judgment of history!

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