The Great Leader Comrade KIM JONG IL Will Always be With Us

   Pyongyang, November 12 (RSTV)   


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On November 10, the DPRK Friendship Societies with European countries sent a letter of thanks to the activists of the DPRK International Solidarity Group.

The full text of the letter follows below.


Dear comrades and friends,

Let us express our deep gratitude and send warm greetings from Pyongyang to all of you who are actively engaged in friendship and solidarity in support of the cause of our people.

The closer December is, the more our people and progressive people of the world yearn for the Great Leader Comrade Kim Jong Il, who made immortal services to our Motherland and the cause of independence of the world.

It should be noted that the merits of Comrade Kim Jong Il, which are preserved in history from the day when he set foot on the path of revolution until the last moments of his life, are really great. But his greatest merit is the reliable protection of socialism from the machinations of the imperialists at the end of the last century, which is highly praised by the progressive peoples of the world.

In the 1990s, the most difficult period for our people came: the great Comrade Kim Il Sung, father of our nation, unexpectedly passed away, and our people experienced serious difficulties due to a series of natural disasters. Also, the machinations of isolation and pressure from hostile forces against our Republic, which is moving forward under the banner of socialism, despite all the challenges and trials of history, have reached the limit.

It was at the same time that the Great Leader Comrade Kim Jong Il instilled in our people and progressive peoples of the world a firm belief that socialism is a science and its victory is necessary. He wisely led the struggle for the defense of socialism and continued strengthening and development.

Despite the fierce and prolonged confrontation with the imperialists, the great Comrade Kim Jong Il, victoriously advancing the cause of socialism of our people, gave strength and inspiration to the progressive people of the world striving for socialism, and made a huge contribution to the cause of independence of the peoples of the world.

All his life he loved his Motherland and people so dearly that until the last beat of his heart he was on the train route to guide the work on the spot.

Thanks to the fact that Comrade Kim Jong Il laid a mighty military force and created a reliable foundation for the continuous strengthening and development of the country's self-defense armed forces, our people were able to move forward only on the path of victory, thwarting all provocations and threats of the imperialists. This greatly inspired the progressive peoples of the world, striving to live and develop independently.


December 17, 2011,

It has been 10 years since the whole country and the whole people suffered from the loss of the father of the nation.

Over the past 10 years, our people, under the wise leadership of the outstanding leader Comrade Kim Jong Un, the successor of the ideas and leadership of the great Comrade Kim Jong Il, have captured the history of brilliant victories and miracles, surprising the people of the world.

Our people, glorifying the immortal merits of Comrade Kim Jong Il before the great cause of building a socialist mighty state, under the leadership of Comrade Kim Jong Un, will definitely build a prosperous socialist state of Juche on this land and will develop good-neighborly and friendly relations with all countries that respect the sovereignty of our country.

Taking this opportunity, we express our deep respect to all European organizations of friendship and solidarity with the Korean people, who every year in December, keeping in their hearts a sense of respect and reverence for Comrade Kim Jong Il, have held and are holding various cultural and political events. 

On behalf of Korean friendship societies with European countries

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