The statement made on April 11th, 108 (2019) 


Recently, on the night of April 9-10, the YouTube administration, under the authority of Google, carried out a mass blocking of accounts of Korean and Pro-Korean channels engaged in the account of events on the Korean Peninsula. Among the blocked were such famous channels as "Bulgeunbyeol TV" and "DPRK today". A new account of Uriminzokkiri was also deleted. It didn’t have enough time to gain even one thousand subscribers after the previous blocking. It is noteworthy that unlike during other similar incidents, when channels controlled directly from the DPRK were blocked, the current "purges" were more widespread and affected even Pro-Korean bloggers. 

Contrary to their own rules, Google representatives refused to name the specific reasons of blocking. In response to our attempt to appeal the decision, representatives of the company sent us a link to the terms of use of Google accounts and refused to explain the reasons of the blocking. On the occasion of such a dirty and hypocritical behavior on the part of Google representatives, we are obliged to give a clear and decisive answer. 

First, the fact of unsubstantiated accusations against our editorial office is nonsense. The content of the youtube channel  "Bulgeunbyeol TV”, despite its diversity, is fully consistent with the standards of the platform. Moreover, unlike the channels of some "liberal" and "conservative" bloggers, we publish political content not to incite hatred, but only to expose propaganda fakes about the Republic and to spread truthful information about the events on the Korean Peninsula. 

Secondly, we have previously encountered similar "legal complaints". For example, on May 21, 107 (2018), a couple of months after the publication of the "증언은 계속된다" investigation, we were accused of violating "privacy". This video of "Uriminzokkiri", in addition to evidence, contained specific information about the defendants in the case. Does it not seem hypocritical to the YouTube administration that such an approach allows the platform to publish videos of pronounced anti-Korean elements spreading outright slander and calling for the outbreak of war with impunity? One should take the mote out of one's eye before talking about the chaff in someone else's. 

Third, the massive removing of accounts for blatantly political reasons obviously sets a dangerous precedent. YouTube is the world's largest video hosting service, bringing together millions of people around the world. Google's use of monopoly privileges for political censorship is an undisguised blow to freedom of speech. 

But who exactly benefits from the isolation of the DPRK media? 

Of course, the hypocritical policy of "double standards" applied by The YouTube administration, which has reached its climax, represents a special benefit for the conservative circles of the United States and South Korea. For the Pro-American gang of Hwang Kyo Ahn, which is desperately trying to deceive the will of the masses, the possibility of gaining access to the DPRK's media, bypassing the so-called "national security law", is a serious threat. More than once the conservative pack advocated the preservation of this anti-national "law" and created all sorts of obstacles for South Koreans trying to learn more about the life on the North side. 

But it’s too early for the South Korean "conservatives" to celebrate as just after few hours after blocking the channel, “Bulgeunbyeol TV " resumed full operation on the reserved channel, and the next day completely re-established the broadcast of Korean Central Television on YouTube. No matter how hard the enemies try to hide the truth, justice will always prevail! 

On the eve of the 107th anniversary of the birth of the Great leader comrade Kim Il Sung, we pledge our statement: 

1. Despite everything, to ensure the continuity of the Korean Central Television broadcast on Youtube during the holiday and to work on improving of the signalquality. 

2. To start using the official blog of the project as soon as possible, and to add support of the Chinese language. 

3. To restore most of the documentaries and music videos lost as a result of blocking by the Day of the Sun. 

4. To provide full support to the editors of blocked channels, distributing their materials on Youtube. 

5. Further strengthen our position on YouTube, increasing the number of backup channels twice. 

People who are responsible for the incident should remember that any attempt to hinder the work of Bulgeunbyeol TV only served to strengthen our resolve. Google will be able to eradicate freedom of speech on YouTube only by rewriting the rules of the community – this is the fair position of our editorial team!

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