Vanguard Street of Pyongyang

   June 9, Pyongyang (DPRK ISG Information Bureau - RSTV)   


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We are publishing a commentary by Nikita Dobrov, Regional Secretary of the DPRK ISG in Russia, who visited Pyongyang as part of a joint delegation of Russian youth.

Shock Komsomol construction - this phrase sounds anachronistic to a Russian, but in people's Korea this is the current reality.

Immediately after arriving at Pyongyang International Airport, we went to explore the newly opened Chongwi Street, translated as Avangardnaya.

There are 4,100 apartments here, public buildings (shops, a cinema, etc.) are open, and the special pride of Korean youth is the ultra-modern 80-story skyscraper, into which workers have already begun to actively move in.

Our delegation was warmly welcomed by the residents of the street, and it was especially pleasant and exciting to shake hands with the engineers and leading workers of the Pyongyang Youth Union who led this large-scale construction project.

Separately, I would like to note that this is not some kind of ostentatious construction. New residential areas are constantly being built in Pyongyang. For example, we looked at the streets of "Seonghwa", "Hwaseong", "Ryomyong", the street of scientists "Mirae" and the houses everywhere are beautiful and incredibly functional, and most importantly, citizens of the DPRK receive apartments for free.


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