Visit of Comrade Georgy Abzianidze to Russian Arctic

   March 15, Moscow (RSTV)   


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On March 10, Georgy Abzianidze, head of the Russian Executive Committee of the DPRK ISG, paid a working visit to the cities of Murmansk and Olenegorsk in the Murmansk region.

In Murmansk, a meeting was organized with the first secretary of the Murmansk Regional Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, a deputy of the Murmansk Regional Duma Artur Alexandrovich Popov. Artur Alexandrovich graciously agreed to carve out an hour from his schedule to find out in detail about the activities of the International Solidarity Group, as well as about the state of affairs in the DPRK itself, the prospects for its cooperation with Russia, as well as the prospects for cooperation between our organizations.

On the evening of the same day in the city of Olenegorsk, in the premises of the local branch of the Communist Party, Comrade Abzianidze delivered a short 40-minute lecture to local party activists, devoted mainly to the ideas of Juche and Songun, their features, their relationship with Marxism and the historical context of their emergence and development. Comrade Abzianidze especially noted the symbolism of the fact that this lecture is being held in a region where they truly know how to appreciate the labor feat, and the entire history of which consists of this feat - no less than the modern history of the DPRK.

During the lecture, the topics of the independent development of the DPRK both during the Cold War and at the present time, the features of the role of the Leaders in Korean society, as well as the information war against the DPRK were implicitly touched upon. Olenegorsk communists were also given literature - the works of President Kim Il Sung, General Kim Jong Il and Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, as well as several copies of the work of Vitaly Lebedev, military expert of the Scientific Committee of the DPRK ISG, on the topic.

The lecture was followed by a less formal tea party, after which the current relations between Russia and the DPRK, their prospects, as well as the features of the modern Korean political and economic structure were discussed in a question-and-answer format. The participants managed to reach a consensus on the issue that the DPRK is currently the most socialist state on the planet in terms of its internal structure, which, by rejecting as a concept kowtowing to external political theories and relying on a rich cultural heritage, has managed to create the most effective and stable social system, perfectly adapted to local conditions.

Also, as a result of the event, it was decided to establish working relations between the DPRK International Solidarity Group and the Murmansk Regional Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. Ilya Bataev, First Secretary of the Murmansk Regional Committee of the Leninist Communist Youth Union, volunteered to be responsible for cooperation with the DPRK ISG. The parties agreed in the future to organize joint events and exchange information and materiel.

I was pleased with the warm welcome given in the harsh northern region, and also impressed the activists of the Olenegorsk city committee. Not in every regional center there are such savvy in Marxism-Leninism, and at the same time active young comrades. Olenegorsk with a population of 20,000, a city, flesh and blood born of the era of socialism, really left the best impressions.



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