Without the right to an alternative opinion (Bulgeunbyeol TV statement)


The statement made on January 15th, 109 (2020)


There is no crime that capital will not commit in order to get 300% profit - time once again confirms this truth of history.

​On January 6, Google conducted a kind of "raid", after which a number of accounts associated with Korean and pro-Korean YouTube channels were blocked without giving any explanation. The Bulgeunbyeol TV channel, as well as a number of channels related to it, including the official DPRK Today youtube-channel, got under attack again.

It is noteworthy that in addition to the official media channels of the DPRK, the channels of democratic activists, who expressed solidarity with the Republic, were too banned again. 

In order to avoid appealing against the illegal decision at the YouTube level, the Google administration, like last time, blocked the Google Accounts themselves. However, in this case, she even resorted to blocking some email addresses, which became a kind of dangerous precedent.

Such an impudent manifestation of censorship, which violates the elementary rights to freedom of speech, can cause nothing but anger.

Particular cynicism in the fact that the official decision on the mass removal of channels on a “legal complaint” was made on January 8, the birthday of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un. We consider this an outright insult that cannot be ignored by silence.

As you know, only the so-called South Korean cyber police have the right to demand the removal of Korean content at the legislative level. While the authorities of the South side resort to all kinds of tricks, imitating the continuation of inter-Korean negotiations in the hope of raising their domestic political rating, the punitive organs of South Korea continue the policy of tightening censorship - this is the true face of South Korea behind the mask of "goodwill."

Although the so-called cyberpolice tried to suspend our activities before, forcing providers to block access to our website, until that moment their actions did not present any problems for us. We are forced to admit that such a well-coordinated attack really was able to temporarily paralyze our work, but we have already prepared in the shortest possible time and started to implement the response plan. We will no longer repeat the previous mistakes!

As for the justification for blocking by "South Korean law", the failure of such excuses on the part of Google company, headquartered in the United States, is obvious even to the child. The massive blockage of Korean channels, committed on the basis of racial and cultural discrimination, is only a reflection of the totalitarian and chauvinist nature of the Google monopolists, which is not able to stop the development of our project.

To the last moment we wanted to resolve the issue without too much noise and ranting about "hostile forces" and "censorship", but such undisguised arrogance and rudeness leaves no other choice.

The Internet was created as a territory of freedom. YouTube video hosting throughout its history has stood on the same principles. We will not allow to hinder our completely legitimate activities aimed at exposing the slanderous propaganda of hostile forces and disseminating truthful information about the events on the Korean Peninsula.

No matter how the demons of censorship rage, we will continue to fight for the legal right of the people of the world to an alternative point of view!

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