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   Moscow, September 29 (RSTV)   

The participants in the meeting and negotiations are talking at the table.


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On September 21, on the eve of the WPK Founding Day, Alexander Mostov, Chairman of the Coordination Committee of the DPRK ISG and Editor-in-Chief of the Bulgeunbyeol TV, held a business conversation with Stas Vasiliev, Russian videoblogger, in the meeting room of the Koryo restaurant.

Arina Stasevich, Protocol Secretary of the Russian Executive Committee of the DPRK ISG, and Aksinya Wunder, manager of the "Oh, How Simple!" channel, were present at the meeting.

This meeting and negotiations on non-profit cooperation, which took place against the backdrop of the growing anti-DPRK information blockade, became a turning point that determined the course and policy of our organization towards YouTube for the near future. The dialogue between representatives of the Solidarity Group and the videoblogging community took place in an atmosphere of mutual trust.

The following topics were on the agenda:

  1. "New Policy", which includes non-profit collaboration with videobloggers.
  2. Visit of a videoblogging delegation to Korea for an objective study of the country's technological development.
  3. Presentation of basic works for the study of the theoretical basis of Korean-style socialism.
  4. Acquaintance with the "Red Star OS" in English.


Discussion on the topic of politics, scientific and technological development of the DPRK, the principles of the Solidarity Group, as well as the latest blocking of videobloggers from North Korea on YouTube.


Starting a conversation on the first item on the agenda, the head of our organization, Comrade Alexander Mostov, expressed gratitude to videoblogger Stas Vasiliev for the fact that he traveled a long way to Moscow, despite the high workload. He especially emphasized the unique character of this meeting, since most of the Russian leaders are afraid to act contrary to the "generally accepted" agenda.

Explaining the position of the Republic in relation to the YouTube platform, A. Mostov said:

The main difficulty in interacting with the videoblogging community is that at the moment a hostile anti-Korean agenda dominates on your native platform (YouTube).

Of course, I am sympathetic to any sound criticism. But, as you may have noticed, the demonization of the DPRK over the past ten years has crossed all conceivable and inconceivable boundaries. History has taught us with bitter lessons that "people with bright faces" with enviable regularity turn out to be worse than rabid jackals: they will sell their own mother for the sake of momentary profit, not to mention their own audience.

We often witnessed situations when a videoblogger who arrived in the DPRK, regardless of his political convictions, first bows to the statues and with a smile talks about how impressed by the Korean achievements, and then, returning to his native country, suddenly throws off his mask of hypocrisy and speaks in every way relation of the Republic. Personally, I don't consider this to be acceptable behavior.


One of Bulgeunbyeol TV's accounts has been blocked under the pretext of violating US "export laws".


The situation is largely due to the complex policies of the YouTube owner.

On the one hand, hiding behind the principles of "democracy" and "freedom of speech", Google does not interfere in any way and even promotes incitement to hatred towards the North on YouTube. Anti-North Korean videos, speeches by already exposed defectors (such as Park Young Mi) and even a selection of deliberately absurd fakes about "mortar executions" have already replaced reality for many people. But, on the other hand, trampling its own principles in the mud, Google, under one pretext or another, is blocking accounts, live broadcasts and videos from the DPRK. Moreover, even those accounts that have existed since the opening of YouTube in Korean are deleted.

Obviously, this behavior is an overt political censorship aimed at preventing an alternative point of view and the emergence of doubts about the "general line" of the United States.


Un A from the DPRK(Echo of Truth) and Song Che Rin from the South (Korean Student 채 리쉬 Cherish Channel).


Since 2020, the situation has become even more absurd when "Echo of Truth" channel, owned by Un A, was blocked. The videos that Un A posted were not political. She did not insult anyone and did not violate community rules. In other words, the suppression of freedom of speech by Google is nothing more than a manifestation of racism and xenophobia.

Is Un A guilty of something? No. Her videos are essentially similar to those of Song Che Rin from the South, who is one of my favorite bloggers.

It is also noteworthy that the channel belonging to Un A was blocked several times. She was re-blocked after she released a video calling for an end to her freedom of expression. The apogee of impudence is that now a fake channel is being conducted on YouTube on behalf of Un A, which spreads hate speech in relation to her home country.


DPRK SA President Kim Jong Un at the 8th Congress of the WPK.


A special role in shaping our "new policy" towards YouTube was also played by the fact that during the 8th Congress of the Workers' Party of Korea, the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un noted the importance of developing relations with Russia. Supporting this aspiration with my heart, I am convinced that now more than ever it is important to pay attention to the public diplomacy and counter-propaganda so that the Russian people correctly understand the state of affairs in the neighboring country.

In this regard, I sincerely hope that our cooperation with you, Comrade Vasiliev, will bear fruit.

For his part, videoblogger Stas Vasiliev noted that he shares our concerns regarding cooperation with videobloggers, and stressed that due to the extremely low moral character of most YouTube authors, it is impossible to get a sincere approach from them.

He said:

I understand you perfectly well here. When you see a brainless pig on the screen, which shows one thing, but says the exact opposite - like with a freight train that Lyadov tried to pass off as a passenger train - all trust disappears.


One of the fakes of the propagandist Anton Lyadov, who tried to pass off an old freight train for a passenger train.


Now, here, I was analyzing one character - so there is a completely wild story! It turned out that with his anti-Sovietism, Pivovarov went so far as to re-voice a Soviet film - he simply took and changed the actor's speech.

I have been "at war" with such people for more than one year, already tired of being surprised at human shamelessness.

Protocol Secretary Stasevich noted that the Solidarity Group drew attention to Comrade Vasiliev precisely because of his principled position, which is reflected in public activities, and expressed confidence in the success of the upcoming cooperation.

Then, according to the second item on the agenda, the parties discussed the scientific and technological development of the DPRK.


Game console "Moranbong" / Korean smartphone with two screens / Comrade Mostov is testing VR Headset


Comrade Mostov spoke about various Korean developments. He briefly mentioned Korean-made mobile phones and laptops, the Wii analogue set-top box, the Manbang ip-tv system, the National Computer Network, the periodically updated Red Star OS and VR Headset for advanced learning. The head of our organization stressed that in recent years Korea, despite the sanctions, has made significant progress in the development of science and technology, after which he offered to personally visit places of interest in order to form their own opinion.

In turn, videoblogger Stas Vasiliev spoke about his desire to see the plants and factories of the DPRK, visit the modern street of scientists and teachers "Mirae", and also personally talk with Korean specialists in the relevant fields. Of particular interest was the opportunity to get acquainted with Korean laptops, smartphones and operating systems. He said that visiting the Republic is an old dream not only for him, but also for a number of other bloggers, and expressed a desire to contribute to the formation of a corresponding delegation.


Comrades Mostov and Vasiliev raised a toast to the successful cooperation.


The parties quickly reached an understanding on all major issues and noted the key points of the upcoming work. The chairman of the DPRK ISG, expressing support for the struggle of Comrade Vasiliev and approving the release of the exposing film "Corrupt Journalism and Propaganda", raised a toast to the forthcoming successful cooperation.

The meeting participants exchanged a number of opinions on socio-political issues, and also discussed the latest fakes about North Korea in Russian and foreign media.


Comrade Mostov Shows Blogger Stas Vasiliev of the DPRK Criminal Code.


Comrade Mostov dispelled a number of doubts, pointing out not illogicality and contradictions in the sources. Taking the DPRK Criminal Code into his hands, he exposed on the spot a fake about the "death penalty for watching a foreign film", and also pointed out the absurdity of such accusations towards the North: all crimes and punishments are clearly regulated by the DPRK Criminal Code, and shooting, according to current legislation, is an exceptional measure of punishment.

During a brief discussion of the DPRK's criminal legislation, it was noted that it is aimed at re-educating criminals: while in capitalist countries, criminals return to prison immediately after release, in Korea they get a chance to become full members of society.


The ceremony of handing over works as a gift from the DPRK ISG.


A ceremony was held for the transfer of various works that make it possible to correctly understand the ideological and political basis of the state ideology of the DPRK.

The list of donated books included:

  • "Biographical Sketch" of the Great Leader Comrade Kim Il Sung
  • "For the inheritance and development of the Juche ideas" and "For the triumph of the cause of socialism" by the Great Leader Comrade Kim Jong Il
  • A literary award-winning work "On the correct understanding of respect to the Leader" by the previous head of our organization Comrade Vitaly Lebedev


Comrade Mostov presents a special issue of Korea magazine and shows a number of brochures about the modern realities of the DPRK.


Then Comrade Mostov showed the videoblogger a special issue of an illustrated magazine.

The meeting participants got acquainted with the news about the revolutionary activities of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, after which Alexander Mostov and videoblogger Stas Vasiliev took a memorable photo with the Korea magazine.

Comrade Vasiliev expressed his gratitude to the DPRK ISG for their openness and wonderful gifts, after which he got acquainted with brochures from the series "Mangyongde - the home of the Great Leader Comrade Kim Il Sung", "Pyongyang New Buildings" and "Ryugyong Ophthalmology Clinic".


Comrade Mostov demonstrates the Korean operating system.


As a visual demonstration of the achievements in the field of information technology, the head of our organization showed comrade Vasiliev an English-language build of the operating system "Bulgynbyol" and personally installed all the necessary programs on it so that the videoblogger could assess the "Korean" user experience as objectively as possible.

The following programs were demonstrated on site:

  • Intranet browser "Nanara Browser" based on "Firefox" for the National Computer Network.
  • "Sogwan Office"
  • "UnBangUl"
  • Program for installing and running programs for Windows
  • "Bokem" antivirus

Videoblogger Stas Vasiliev said that he was very surprised by the modern look of the operating system and even the availability of support for some programs for the Windows OS. this clearly contradicts popular propaganda myths. He expressed a desire to later familiarize himself with this OS on his own.


Participants of the negotiations were photographed for memory.


The results of the meeting and business negotiations were summed up.

Finally, the parties once again expressed solidarity with each other's position on key issues and expressed their determination to continue the fight against disinformation.

Comrade Mostov noted that the decisions made, if the necessary efforts are made, will be able to open a new milestone in the history of the blogosphere in the near future, and took a picture for memory with the participants of the meeting.

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