Fate of DPRK-U.S. Dialogue Depends on U.S. Attitude: DPRK Foreign Ministry Spokesperson

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Press statement of a spokesman for the DPRK Ministry of Foreign Affairs


According to the DPRK-US agreement, DPRK-US working negotiations took place on October 5 after the preliminary contact on the 4th in Stockholm of Sweden.

Recently the US side has insistently requested the opening of negotiations while sending us time and again the signal that it is ready for dialogue based on a "new method" and "creative solution". So we attended the negotiations with expectation and optimism that the US side would think and act right.

At the venue of the negotiations, however, the representatives of the US side showed their unchanged attitude. It made us feel that our expectation was too absurd a hope and aggrandized the doubt if the United States has the stand to solve the issue through dialogue.

At the current negotiations the US side insisted on its existing stand that it had not come with a new package and repeated only the vague insistence without any calculation or guarantee that consecutive and intensive negotiations are necessary.

The United States has not made any preparations for the current negotiations but tried to pursue a political purpose to use the DPRK-US dialogue in its domestic political schedule.

Concerning it, the negotiating representative of the DPRK side held a press conference and made clear its principled stand toward the current negotiations.

This notwithstanding, however, the United States is misleading the public, saying the press conference of the DPRK delegation has not correctly reflected the content and spirit of the negotiations and it had good discussions with the DPRK side.

The bigger expectation, the greater disappointment.

The current negotiations made us think that the United States does not have a political will to improve the DPRK-US relations but tries to use those relations for its party interests.

The United States is circulating the groundless rumour that both sides expressed a will to meet in two weeks at the current negotiations. It is quite impossible for the United States to come out with an alternative proposal corresponding to our expectation and the concern of the whole world within the time of two weeks, now that it has devised nothing up to date though 99 days have passed since the Panmunjom Summit Meeting.

We have no desire to have such disgusting negotiations before the United States takes practical measures to completely and irrevocably cancel its hostile policy toward the DPRK threatening the security of our state and hindering our people's rights to existence and development.

We have already clarified that if the United States fumbles again with the old scenario which has nothing to do with a new calculating method, the dealings between the DPRK and the United States will come to an end.

Since we have presented a clear way of solving the issue to the US side, the future lot of the DPRK-US dialogue depends on the attitude of the United States and the time limit is by the end of this year.



  October 6, Juche 108 (2019)

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