National Mass Rally Held


A national mass rally took place at Kim Il Sung Square on Saturday in celebration of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un's election as chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

Attending the event were leading officials of the Party, government and armed forces organs, officials of the Party Central Committee, officials of ministries, national institutions, officials of institutions and industrial establishments here and working people, students and other young people, service personnel and overseas Koreans.

A celebratory report was made by Choe Ryong Hae.

The reporter said that Kim Jong Un's election as the top leader of the Republic at the historic First Session of the 14th SPA and his historic policy speech made there are a great auspicious event of Juche Korea and the political event as they have redoubled the confidence in victory and fighting spirit of all the people opening a new road of advance for the socialist construction.

Holding in high esteem the Supreme Leader at the top post of the state representing all the Korean people and leading the overall work of the country makes it possible to further strengthen the power of the Republic as a mighty political weapon for the building of a powerful country and to successfully realize the dream and ideal of the people by accelerating the accomplishment of the socialist cause of Juche, said the reporter.

The reporter extended the greatest glory and the warmest congratulations to Kim Jong Un in reflection of the unreserved trust and ardent loyalty of all the party members, people and service personnel.

He called upon all the people and service personnel to glorify socialist Korea of Juche to the whole world, true to the idea and guidance of the Supreme Leader.

Celebratory speeches were made there by the delegates of the working class, agricultural workers, service personnel, intellectuals and students and other young people.

Speakers said that today's auspicious event is a clear manifestation of the invincibility of the Republic dynamically advancing along the road of Juche under the guidance of him who devotes himself to bringing earlier the future of a powerful socialist country while demonstrating the dignity and might of the country over the world.

They made pledges to perform feats and miracles in the sacred and worthwhile struggle for the building of a powerful socialist country, true to the idea and leadership of Kim Jong Un.


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