Oath-taking Meeting Takes Place in Kangwon Province


An oath-taking meeting of Kangwon Province took place in Haean Plaza of Wonsan on Thursday to bring about a great upsurge on work sites of socialist construction under the uplifted banner of self-reliance, the treasured sword for prosperity.

Attending the meeting were officials of Party and power organs, working people's organizations, institutions, industrial establishments, cooperative farms and universities and labor innovators in the province.

Pak Jong Nam, alternate members of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea and chairman of the Kangwon Provincial Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea, read a letter to Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.

Then oath-taking speeches were made.

Speakers said that self-reliance is a transparent revolutionary stand with which to make revolution of one's own country to the last in a responsible manner no matter how long and arduous the revolution is and a traditional spirit of struggle of the Korean people whose validity and might have been proved in socialist construction.

Saying that they will resolutely smash the challenge of the hostile forces by dint of self-reliance staking the honor of the Korean people, they expressed the will to turn Kangwon Province into the first self-supporting province of high civilization.

They proposed to send the appeal for bringing a great upswing in work sites of socialist construction by taking self-reliance as the treasured sword for prosperity to the working people across the country and all the participants in the meeting fully supported the proposal.

The meeting adopted the appeal.

The appeal stressed that as Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un said in the historic policy speech, we will move towards a high goal of building a powerful socialist country by dint of self-reliance whether the hostile forces lift sanctions or not, and translate our dream and desire into reality by our own efforts.

The appeal in the name of the creators of the spirit of Kangwon Province called upon all the working people across the country as follows:

Let us take self-reliance as the treasured sword for prosperity and wage all-people death-defying campaign for a great upswing in socialist construction.

Let all the people ranging from officials in charge of the important missions of the country to ordinary producers become masters of self-reliance and self-development who do all work by their own efforts in the spirit of self-reliance.

Let all the units regard talents and science and technology, not money and materials, as the most precious resources so that scientists, technicians and skilled workers give full play to their passion and ability.

Let us direct top priority effort to improving the contents and methods of education and give face-lifting to educational conditions and environment with the viewpoint that without attaching importance to education it is impossible to have our own talents and sci-tech forces and live with our own efforts even after an elapse of decades.

Let the workers across the country rise up as one for a vigorous struggle for increased production and creation as well as a dynamic production drive to devotedly safeguard the spirit of the Fourth Plenary Meeting of the Seventh Central Committee of the Party.

Let the masters of farming not to put the blame on soil, fertilizer and atmospheric conditions, but believe in their own strength and scientific farming methods and make soil fertile so as to increase the number of high-yielding farms, workteams, sub-workteams and farmers.

Let us keeps our feet firmly planted on our land and look out over the world, add luster to the socialist homeland and create more remarkable intellectual assets for the early building of a powerful country with the intelligent and clear head of Koreans armed with the spirit of self-reliance.

Let us keep in mind the trust of the Party that put us forward as the masters of our dignified country and fully demonstrate the spirit and courage of the Korean young men and women in the present general death-defying drive.

Let us the strong mettle and resourcefulness of the Korean women in a worthwhile struggle for bringing earlier a brighter future of socialism.

Let us grasp the mass work method of our Party, set a good example in all work and become true servants of the people who devotedly work for their sake.

Let us devotedly defend the Supreme Leader with edifices of self-reliance built in the strong and brave spirit of the heroic people and bring earlier the happy future.

Let us hand the spirit of self-reliance down to posterity as eternal social customs of Juche Korea.

The appeal stressed that the people of Kangwon Province ardently appealed to bring about a great upswing in socialist construction through the struggle for creating the all-people Mallima speed movement, firmly believing that all the working people across the country will turn out as one in the grand march of self-reliance true to the calls of the Party.

Then followed a public procession.

The participants in the public procession passed through the plaza to the tune of wind music with placards and hand-slogan boards bearing revolutionary and militant slogans and letters.


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