State Commendations Conferred on Creators, Artistes of Major Art Troupes

   Pyongyang, July 12 (KCNA, RSTV)   


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The title of honor and order of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) were conferred on creators and artistes of major art troupes, including the Band of the State Affairs Commission, who distinguished themselves in creative activities for ushering in a new period of efflorescence of socialist literature and arts, true to the important tasks set forth at the 8th Congress of the Workers' Party of Korea (WPK).

Creators and artistes performed the unique and vibrant art performances as required by the era aspiring after new innovation, bold creation and steady progress by displaying the burning loyalty to the Party and revolutionary creation traits, thus imbuing the whole country with vigor and vitality and adding luster to the revolutionary faith and will of our people.

The performances gave vivid ideological and artistic description of the greatness and invincible leadership of the WPK and the fighting spirit of all the people to demonstrate to the whole world the great era of respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, getting united around the Party in one mind, and thus made positive contributions to powerfully encouraging all the people and officers and men of the People's Army to the implementation of the decision of the Eighth Party Congress and plenary meetings of the Party Central Committee.

An awarding ceremony took place at the Mansudae Assembly Hall on July 11.

Present there were Ri Il Hwan, Member of the Political Bureau and Secretary of the Central Committee of the WPK, Ko Kil Son, Secretary General of the SPA Standing Committee, Sung Jong Gyu, Minister of Culture, and creators and artistes of major art troupes.

Comrade Ri Il Hwan read out a decree of the SPA Standing Committee of the DPRK.

The Title of People's Artiste of the DPRK went to Kim Ok Ju, a singer of the Band of the State Affairs Commission, Order of National Flag First Class to Ri Myong Il and Pang Chol Jin, Order of National Flag Second Class to Pak Myong Song, Kang Chol Bong, Pak Song Nam, Kim Un Il, Kim Kang Nam, Kim Ju Il, Pak Yong Il, Jo So Rim, Sin Ju Gyong and Pae Song Guk and Order of National Flag Third Class to An Ryong Gwon, Kim Hyon Il and Kim Ye Song.

Oath-taking speeches were made by Ri Myong Il, head and concurrently conductor of the Band of the State Affairs Commission, vocalist Kim Ok Ju, and Pak Song Nam, composer of the State Merited Chorus.

The speakers said in excitement that the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un credited his soldiers with all successes though he led them step by step as their benevolent teacher, provided them with the spirit of devotedly serving the Party, the revolution, the country and the people and helped them give full play to their abilities in creation of fresh civilization in the era of the Workers' Party.

They vowed to devote all their wisdom and enthusiasm to developing the musical art of the country into the one based on the Party policies and the popular and militant one that pulsates with the spirit of the times by creating more influential and appealing masterpieces touching all the people, true to the noble intention of the respected General Secretary Kim Jong Un who puts forward the literature and art as powerful weapon for victorious advance of the revolution.

All the participants had their hearts burning with a will to fulfill their honorable mission and duty as firm defenders, disseminators and educators of the Party policies who devotedly defend the ideas and lines of the Party, cherishing the great trust and loving care shown by the respected General Secretary and holding aloft the banner of the musical art revolution in the new era. 




Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un Meets and Congratulates Creators and Artistes of Major Art Troupes

Kim Jong Un, General Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea and President of the State Affairs of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, Sunday met and congratulated the creators and artistes of the major art troupes on receiving state commendations.

The creators and artistes were overwhelmed by the feelings of profound reverence and gratitude to the great mentor and kind-hearted father who met them in person following the conferment of high honor and state commendations to them though they just did their part as persons of art and literature of the Party on the road of advance for implementing the decisions made at the historic Party Congress.

Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un gave a pep-talk to them, warmly holding their hands one by one, in recognition of their distinguished services for the development of Juche music in the revolutionary traits of creation, keeping in mind the trust of the Party Central Committee and the expectation of the people.

He said with appreciation that they created and portrayed masterpieces of the times loved by the people including song "Our National Flag" true to our Party's revolutionary line and idea, and thus glorified our state-first era and instilled confidence and optimism about sure victory into the people.

Comrade Kim Jong Un repeatedly expressed satisfaction, saying that it is something that has been craved for and which is worth welcoming before any other achievements that the Band of the State Affairs Commission has evoked positive responses and repercussions from the people with its art creation and performing activities marked by masterpieces and famous performances reflective of the intention of the Party Central Committee at a time when the field of art and literature is still in the dormancy and doldrums.

The new era of advance and dynamism demands the creation of lots of more influential and appealing masterpieces pulsating with the spirit of the times than ever before in the field of art and literature entrusted with important mission and innovative role to play in the revolution and construction, he emphasized.

Our art and literature are obliged to be responsive to the requirements of the Party's policies and the spirit of the times to make the Party's idea and will pervade the whole process of the creation and performing activities that conform to the people's mentality, he said, calling on the major art troupes to keep their honor and consolidate the achievements of creation and based on it give exceptionally high momentum to the creation in the overall art and literature field.

The respected General Secretary expressed the trust and expectation that they would continue to glorify their honor as the trumpeters of the revolution on the sacred road of singing of our great era, our great Party, our great state and our great social system, and had a meaningful photo taken with all the artistes of the Band as well as the decorated creators and artistes.

All the creators and artistes renewed their firm pledge to always share their intention and breath with the Party Central Committee, cherishing their honor and happiness all their lives, and to take the lead in opening the new era of efflorescence of socialist art and literature by waging more dynamic creation activities to imbue the whole society with our state-first spirit.


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