DPR Korean Fortification System


To the question of the now fashionable theme of fortification.

Here is a map of North Korea. Nature itself has created ideal conditions here for the defender on land.

Predominantly mountainous terrain, difficult rugged terrain, allowing advance only in valley corridors with many transverse water barriers.

On the coast, there are very few places suitable for landing amphibious assaults (in reality, only 4–5). Actually, coastal areas are difficult not only for landing operations, but simply for navigation. In many places, the coast is entirely made up of rather steep cliffs! Sometimes the situation is complicated by the specific regime of ebbs and flows.

But Pyongyang would not be Pyongyang if it had not equipped all places suitable for offensives and landings with complex non-explosive obstacles (anti-tank gouges, concrete blocks prepared for dropping in narrow places of roads, scarps, anti-tank barriers, etc.).

The map shows the country's territories equipped with systems of anti-tank non-explosive engineering barriers.

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