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The Eternal President comrade Kim Il Sung devoted himself entirely to his motherland from a young age. As soon as studying at military school, he has rallied the youth around himself and began revolutionary activities.

Juche Idea | Views: 582 | Author: Anna Bertova | Added by: redstartvkp | Date: 20/07/08

Both being countries at the outer borders of the 'socialist camp', and both being countries which existed under the circumstances of a divided nation, the German Democratic Republic [GDR] and the Demokratic Peoples Republic of Korea [DPRK] did share a somewhat similar political experience. The importance of the relationship between the two countries was stressed by a visit of the German head of state, Erich Honnecker, to the DPRK in 1977. This was being followed by a visit of the Korean head of state, Kim Il Sung, to Germany, in the year of 1984. Also a project such as the rebuilding of the city of Hamhung, which had been destroyed in the course of the War on the Korean peninsula, by the 'German Working Group Hamhung' [Deutsche Arbeitsgruppe Hamhung] in the 1950s and 1960s is a strong indicator for the importance of the relationship between the two small socialist states.

Juche Idea | Views: 549 | Author: Fritz Schmidt | Added by: redstartvkp | Date: 20/04/16

There is no doubt that comrade Kim Il Sung left behind a huge ideological legacy. Vital, alive, with great potential for development. We are more or less familiar with the ideas of Juche and the Songun, whose existence we owe to the Eternal President. However, as he has repeatedly stressed, ideology cannot be separated from practice, cannot be studied, and took into account in separation from its live implementation. A lot is going to be said here about how the DPRK arisen from the smoking ruins in the 1950s and 1960s, about the heroic labour, about the birth of the cheonsari method of leadership, and about the upbringing of new revolutionary generations. North Korea is a unique phenomenon on the world map in all respects, from economy to ideology. And all this set of uniqueness is undoubtedly interconnected inside of itself.

Juche Idea | Views: 438 | Author: Georgii Abzianidze | Added by: redstartvkp | Date: 20/04/16

Korea was a colony of Japanese imperialists from 1910 to 1945. At this time, it did not have sovereignty, the power on the Peninsula belonged to the Japanese Governor-General.

Juche Idea | Views: 508 | Author: Anna Bertova | Added by: redstartvkp | Date: 20/04/15

Talk Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un had with leading officials of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea on August 22, Juche 108 (2019) "Teachers Should Fulfill Their Duty as Career Revolutionaries in Implementing the Party's Policy on Bringing About a Radical Turn in Education" was conveyed to the participants in the 14th National Conference of Teachers.

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The people in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea are never afraid of the hostile forces' harsh sanctions and pressure intended to block the country's victorious advance and development, as they have the spirit of self-reliance, the tradition of struggle and the motive power of victory.

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