Warm Blessing

One day in June Juche 101 (2012) celebrations of the 66th founding anniversary of the Korean Children's Union were grandly held in Pyongyang, the capital of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, in the presence of the respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.
  That day 
Kim Jong Un attended the national joint meeting of organizations of the Korean Children's Union for celebrating its 66th founding anniversary and made a congratulatory speech.

And then he appreciated a concert together with the delegates to the Union who took part in the celebrations. After the concert, he met and talked with exemplary schoolchildren.

He kindly asked them what they would become when they are grown-up.

They said they would become a scientist or a doctor.

But only the schoolboy who had presented a bouquet to him said he would become a man of the People's Army.

Comrade Kim Jong Un asked him again what he would do after discharging from military service.

The schoolboy replied that he would serve in the army all his life. Kim Jong Un was very satisfied at his answer.

After posing for a photograph with the exemplary schoolchildren, Kim Jong Un warmly told the schoolboy that when he joins the army, he would become a comrade-in-arms of the Supreme Commander.

It was the blessing of the great brilliant commander that gave hope to the Children's Union members.

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