Life of Love and Devotion

April 15 is the significant Day of the Sun, the birth anniversary of the great leader President Kim Il Sung.

  Kim Il Sung was born in Mangyongdae on April 15, Juche 1 (1912) and devoted his all only to the country and people.
  His lifelong motto was to believe in the people as in heaven.
  He continued his field guidance all his life, regarding the service for the people as his greatest pride.
  His love and devotion for the people were witnessed in all parts of the country ranging from coal-mine and mine villages in the northern end to a farm village near the Military Demarcation Line and from a small port on the east coast to an isolated island on the West Sea.



  Kim Ju Song working at the Moranbong District People's Committee of Pyongyang City says:
  He spent his birthdays, holidays and Sundays on the road of field guidance for the people.
  He had to cover the path to a remote mountain village without driveway, road to the front under the shower of bullets and shells and muddy road under snow and rain.
Kim Il Sung was always concerned for the improvement of the people's living in his lifetime.
  Wherever he went, he asked about the people's life first, if the people liked, what they would say and what they would think. I cannot forget him who put the people at the foremost place of all his thinking and activities."
  Ho Jong Suk, Workshop Head of the Songyo Knitwear Factory, says:
  "The great leader
Kim Il Sung visited our workshop on a cold winter day in 1965.
  Whenever I see the products cascading, I feel my heart warming up at the thought that he would unexpectedly come into the workshop like the day tens of years ago."
  Kim Il Sung visited more than 20,600 units across the country for over 8,650 days from right after liberation to the last time of his great life.
  Those surprising figures and facts beyond human imagination show that he devoted his life to the people, always finding himself among them.
  Here is a story about his greatness.
  In July Juche 72(1983), President
Kim Il Sung told the German woman writer Luise Rinser on a visit to Korea what had happened in Mt. Myohyang.
  Long ago a prospecting corps discovered a vein of high-grade gold and planned to develop a large-scale mine.
  Informed of it,
Kim Il Sung said that if a mine is developed in Mt. Myohyang, the blasting sound would shoo rare and beautiful birds away and the water of the dressing plant flow into the river to kill the fish.
  Telling her about it, he said: I could not let them spoil the beautiful scenery of Mt. Myohyang for the sake of some tons of gold. Now the Korean people are relaxing and enjoying themselves in Mt. Myohyang. The interests of the popular masses can never be bartered even for a lot of gold.
  In the significant April marking his 70th birth anniversary, President
Kim Il Sung said his desire is to live amid the love and support of the people and his revolutionary obligation is to struggle to the end for the people.
  The people will never forget the paternal love of 
Kim Il Sung who started and ended his life with devotion for the people.
  Representing the ardent reverence of the people, Korean poets wrote:

Kim Il Sung built the people's society all his life
  So the people associates Korea
  With his name
  If they are asked to talk about the history of the country
  They sing of his life
  With warm hearts

  We express gratitude
  To the eternal father of the people
  Who embraced the people forsaken like rubble stones,
  Gave them dignity that nobody can have
  And built the only people's country in the world

  The devoted service rendered by President
Kim Il Sung to the people was carried on by the great leader Kim Jong Il and now by the respected supreme leader Kim Jong Un.
  Kim Jong Un has brought about events noteworthy in the 5,000-year-long history of the nation through his continuous field guidance, demonstrating the dignity and power of Kim Il Sung's nation and Kim Jong Il's Korea all over the world.
  Under his leadership, the patriotic desire of
Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il for the building of a powerful country will be realized and the people will become happier.

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