Visit of Comrade KIM JONG UN to the Institute of Nuclear Weapons

We are analyzing photos from Comrade Kim Jong Un's visit to the Institute of Nuclear Weapons.


[1] The institute has a new director, Kang Ken Ho, in November 2022 he received the military rank of Colonel General.


[2] Caption 1: 《화성포-11ㅅ》형 핵탄두 — "Hwaseongpo-11(index)" type nuclear warhead.

Caption 2: 《화살-2》형 핵탄두 - "Hwasal-2 (Arrow-2)" type nuclear warhead. Nuclear warhead for equipping the Arrow-2 strategic cruise missile.

That is, in semantic translation, this is a nuclear warhead for the Hwaseongpo-11 rocket (index). In most foreign sources, it is referred to as KN-24, the same North Korean ATACMS.


[3] The photograph shows progress in the engineering of nuclear weapons to the naked eye. 1 - 2016, 2 - 2023



  1. 600㎜초대형방사포 - 600mm super-large rocket launcher.
  2. 핵무인수중공격정 《해일》 - "Tsunami nuclear unmanned attack boat".
  3. 《화살-1》형 - Arrow-1 type.
  4. 《화살-2》형 - Arrow-2 type.


Progress in the field of engineering of nuclear charges is visible to the naked eye.

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