Studying the Experience of the War in Ukraine


In the light of the experience of the Special Military Operation in Ukraine, North Korean "strange" equipment, where they liked and love to install air defense missiles (adapted MANPADS) on everything with armor in addition to the standard set of weapons, looks like an amusing accidental hit in a number of trends ahead of time.

Although the reasons are historically connected with the fact that the United States is considered as an adversary. This means that absolutely all equipment will face danger from the air. And the air defense workers and their other work will have a sea. So everyone needs their own means of combating air targets!

Also, one of the problems that came out was that too much of the available artillery is towed howitzers with a whole range of problems (low mobility, clotting time, etc.). And there are not enough self-propelled versions. And they say objective difficulties and nowhere to go.

At that time, there were no telegram channels in North Korea with the texts “why not, it’s impossible and it’s not necessary.” But there were no resources to make classic powerful self-propelled guns. There was no surplus of trucks either. But it was still very necessary to increase the mobility of the 122-mm and 155-mm guns. But how?

The solution is simple: tracked tractors or armored personnel carriers + howitzer on top. Yes, it's not aesthetically pleasing. But it's cheap and practical. And more. And fast. And you can do it not even at a tank factory! And they made thousands of them until it became possible to make large and beautiful classic self-propelled guns.

In addition, the War in Ukraine perfectly showed the level of Russian "experts" and "specialists" who regularly spoke from the position "we do not need such strange handicrafts, we have everything in abundance and everything has no analogues, and there is nothing for us to study there." But for years these people have been mocking weapons and military equipment from North Korea, Iran, Syria, Egypt, Vietnam, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Cuba, Sudan, which often created various updated and affordable solutions based on old models for a penny.

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