April 22, 2018   


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04/21/18 The Society for the Study of Juche Ideas, together with Komsomol members of the Altai Republic, took part in the city cleanup day.

The coordinated work was noted by the administration of the city of Gorno-Altaisk.

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   22 апреля 2018   


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21.04.18 Общество изучения идей чучхе, совместно с комсомольцами Республики Алтай, приняли участие в городском субботнике.

Слаженная работа, товарищей, была отмечена администрацией города Горно-Алтайска.

On April 17, a banquet was held at the embassy of the DPRK in the Russian Federation on the occasion of the 106th anniversary of the birth of the Great Leader Kim Il Sung.

Comrades Vitaly Lebedev, Alexander Mostov, and an activist, Ilya Getman, took part in the solemn event.

At the embassy, ​​they laid bouquets of flowers and, as a sign of the deepest respect and reverence for th ... Read more »

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On March 16, 107 Juche (2018), Vitaly Lebedev, Head of the DPRK Solidarity Group, sent a congratulatory letter to L. Shkolnikov, Chairman of the Belarusian Republican Society of Friends of the Korean People, on the occasion of the establishment of the organizing committee of the international festival. In this letter, Comrade Lebedev noted that in order to provide assistance and close cooperation within the framework of the festival, he decided to send a representative from Moscow to Minsk.

As a representative of the Solidarity Group, Alexander Mostov, a responsible on television member of the DPRK Solidarity Group, was also sent to Belarus. He was accompanied by a responsible employee, a correspondent of Bulgeunbyeol TV Jaroslava Klishauskaite. Comrade Klim Belsky, Head of the D ... Read more »

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   14 апреля 2018   


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13.04.18г общество изучения идей чучхе в Республике Алтай провело собрание, в составе 6 человек (что соответствует кворуму), посвященное великому событию Празднику Солнца - дню рождения вечного президента товарища Ким Ир Сена.

С предложением оповестить жителей Республики Алтай и города Горно-Алтайска о значимой дате выступила председатель общества Дарья Кадкина. Единогласным решением постановили, провести данную акцию через социальные сети. А именно 15.04.18г (в ... Read more »

   April 14, 2018   


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On 04/13/18, the Society for the Study of Juche Ideas in the Altai Republic held a meeting of 6 people (which corresponds to a quorum) dedicated to the birthday of the Eternal President Kim Il Sung.

Daria Kadkina, Chairman of the Society, proposed to notify the residents of the Altai Republic and the city of Gorno-Altaisk about this significant date. By unanimous decision it was decided to hold this action through social networks. Namely, 04/1 ... Read more »

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   18 февраля 2018   


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16 февраля отделение изучения идей чучхе в Республике Алтай совместно с Алтайским Республиканским Отделением комсомола провели собрание посвященное дню рождения товарища Ким Чен Ира.

Собравшиеся, обсудили славную жизнь великого руководителя, ознакомились с литературой.

С докладом об идеях чучхе, выступила председатель отделения Дарья Кадкина. Товарищи смогли задать интересующие их вопросы по данной тематике.

После основной части собрания, п ... Read more »

   February 18, 2018   


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On February 16, the branch for the study of Juche ideas in the Altai Republic, together with the Altai Republican Branch of the Komsomol, held a meeting dedicated to the birthday of Comrade Kim Jong Il.

Those gathered discussed the glorious life of the Great Leader and got acquainted with the literature.

The Chairman Daria Kadkina, gave a report on the Juche ideas. Comrades were able to ask questions they were interested in on this ... Read more »

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   12 января 2018   


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Посольство КНДР отправило активистам в Республику Алтай труды великих вождей корейского народа.

   January 12, 2018   


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The DPRK Embassy sent activists in the Altai Republic the works of the great leaders of the Korean people.

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