The Chairman of the Workers’ Party of Korea 

The Chairman of the Council of State of the DPRK 

The Supreme Commander of the Korean People’s Army 

The respected comrade Kim Jong Un 


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   November 26, 2018   


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Today, November 26, Chairman Daria Kadkina, met with Kim Chang Son, First Secretary of the DPRK Embassy in the Russian Federation.

The community was thanked for its active work. The comrades also talked and discussed further plans for mutual cooperation to actively promote the Juche ideas.

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   26 ноября 2018   


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Сегодня, 26 ноября, председатель нашего сообщества Дарья Кадкина, встретилась с первым секретарем посольства КНДР в РФ Ким Чхан Соном.

Сообщество поблагодарили за активную работу. Также товарищи пообщались, обсудили дальнейшие планы по взаимному сотрудничеству, для активного продвижения идей чучхе.

On November 10, Vitaly Lebedev, head of the DPRK Solidarity Group, met with the head of the department for cultural relations with Russia and the CIS countries in Committee for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries with Comrade Han Jong Chol.

The meeting was attended by the Deputy Head of the Group Alexander Mostov, who shared his experience and achievements in broadcasting news and advocacy on the example of our channel. On the part of the Korean comrades, the great potential of this activity was noted, as well as its perspective with possible work in the territory of the DPRK ... Read more »

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Thanks to the joint efforts of the leadership of our organization, a feasible contribution was made to the organization of the visit of teachers of the Moranbong School No.1 to Chelyabinsk.

Deputy Head of the DPRK Solidarity Group A. Mostov familiarized himself in detail with the situation in the educational institutions of the city of Chelyabinsk at the request of the Korean side. He studied the most successful schools and lyceums of the city, after which he compiled a detailed report and passed it on to consideration.

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   10 сентября 2018   


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Дарья Кадкина, руководитель Алтайского общества изучения идей чучхе, и другие товарищи из России и стран бывшего СССР принимают участие в Международной конференции по идеям чучхе в Пхеньяне, посвященной 70-летию КНДР.

   September 10, 2018   


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Daria Kadkina, Head of the Altai Society for the Study of the Juche Ideas, and other comrades from Russia and the countries of the former USSR are participating in the International Conference on the Juche Ideas in Pyongyang, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the DPRK.

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On September 5, Vitaly Lebedev, head of the DPRK Solidarity Group with his deputy Alexander Mostov, attended various celebrations in Moscow.

On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, a solemn reception was held at the DPRK Embassy. At the invitation of Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the DPRK to the Russian Federation, comrade Kim Hyun Joong, friends of Korea from all over the world participated in the event, including representatives of our organization.

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   5 мая 2018   


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5.05.2018 активисты из Общества изучения идей чучхе в Республике Алтай, по приглашению товарищей из КПРФ, приняли участие в мероприятии посвященному сталетию великого немецкого философа, экономиста Карла Маркса.

Присутствующие прослушали лекцию о жизненном пути основателя коммунистических идей. Посмотрели фильм, а так же обменялись мнениями по некоторым вопросам.

Карл Ге́нрих Маркс — немецкий философ, социолог, экономист, писатель, поэт, политический журналист, общественный деятель ... Read more »

   May 5, 2018   


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On May 5, 2018, activists from the “Society for the Study of Juche Ideas in the Altai Republic,” at the invitation of comrades from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, took part in an event dedicated to the centenary of the great German philosopher and economist Karl Marx.

Those present listened to a lecture about the life path of the founder of communist ideas. We watched the film and also exchanged opinions on some issues.

Karl Heinr ... Read more »

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