4th Organizing Conference and Scientific Seminar Opened

   Moscow, August 15 (RSTV)   


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On August 5, the opening ceremony of the 4th Organizing Conference of the DPRK International Solidarity Group (DPRK ISG) and the Scientific Seminar "Revolutionary Way of Mt. Paektu: History of the Korean People's Anti-Imperialist Struggle" was held at the Soviet Peace Foundation.

Alexander Mostov, Chairman of the Coordination Committee of the DPRK ISG and Head of the Russian Executive Committee, led the ceremony.



The ceremony was attended by Kim Sen Woo, Counselor of the Embassy of the DPRK in the Russian Federation, Ju Kyong Su, First Secretary of the Embassy, Viktor Petrov, Chairman of the Society for Russian-Korean Friendship and Cultural Cooperation, Konstantin Asmolov, Leading Researcher at the Center for Korean Studies, Li Jizhen (remote participation), Head of the Chinese Executive Committee of the DPRK ISG, Tim Trendelkamp, Ideological Leader of the German Executive Committee of the DPRK ISG, Ilya Kleimenov, Deputy Chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party "Communists of Russia", Nikita Dobrov, Member of the Bureau of the St. Petersburg City Committee of the Komsomol of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Zaitsev representative of the project "Revolutionary Initiative", and Fyodor Sagaida, Protocol Secretary of the Russian Executive Committee of the DPRK ISG.

The national anthems of the DPRK and the Russian Federation were solemnly performed.

Alexander Mostov, Leader of our Solidarity Group, greeted the participants of the ceremony and announced the opening of the 4th Organizing Conference.



Victor Petrov, on behalf of the Russian-Korean Friendship Society and the diplomatic mission of the Soviet Peace Fund, delivered an opening speech.

He said:

Dear comrades, dear colleagues, dear Korean friends! It gives me great pleasure to say a few words of welcome to you on behalf of the Society for Friendship with the DPRK.

It gives me real joy to see young faces, to see young people who know and love Korea, who will undoubtedly pick up the torch of the older generation, to which I consider myself.

The Society for Friendship with the DPRK arose immediately after the formation of the DPRK in 1949 and worked most actively until the terrible, monstrous 1991, when all Soviet public and political organizations of international profile were liquidated. But already in 1992, our wonderful veteran pilots gathered in this hall, who helped the Korean brothers in the war of the 50s. Public figures also gathered - the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, Zhirinovsky's party, and others. From the "democratic" and "liberal" press, active propaganda began against our Society: even our generals, if they rode the subway in uniform, were ridiculed!

I want to say again that we, friendly organizations, have nothing to share. We will always be happy to cooperate in organizing events and hope that you will always help us as well.

I would like to thank our Korean friends for their firm, unshakable stance towards Russia. When we found ourselves in a blockade from the whole world, our Korean brothers recognized the LPR and the DPR.



Chairman A. Mostov delivered a political speech on behalf of the Coordination Committee of the DPRK ISG, in which he highlighted the unshakable struggle of the Korean people, first against Japanese and then against US imperialism. He emphasized the unfading merits of the Great Leaders Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Il and Kim Jong Un in the fight for independence on an international scale, especially noting that in the current geological situation, all progressive forces must unite in the face of US aggression.

Concluding the political speech, he said:

The DPRK International Solidarity Group will certainly continue to develop relations with the Russian-Korean Friendship Society, at least for the reason that the Society is the oldest solidarity organization in the post-Soviet space. It is very important for us to take into account the experience of previous generations in order to study and improve it.

Now that the hegemony of the US imperialists has finally cracked, we have a historic opportunity that should not be missed.

I am deeply convinced that only by considering the problems of the Korean Peninsula, as well as the whole world as a whole, on a scientific basis, we will be able to develop the right solutions and propose them to the governments of our countries. And now I am addressing not only the activists of the Russian Executive Committee, but also the activists in Germany, the activists in China, the activists of the Temporary Executive Committees in Ukraine and the United States. Now it is extremely important for us to strengthen cooperation with progressive parties and organizations from different countries. Otherwise, we will simply miss the historical opportunity that has opened up.

It was not for nothing that at the last meeting of the Central Committee of the organization we made a special emphasis on the fact that we will involve scientists and politicians in organizational work. Political figures will help us to further promote the ideals of non-alignment, the ideals of combating imperialist aggression, and scientists will be able to help develop a scientific view of the problem and offer solutions.

Many people want to understand the situation on the peninsula, but they are prevented from doing so by a huge number of fakes spread by hostile forces. Only by encouraging this kind of genuine interest, not dictated by money or greed, can we make a difference.

Now the world is obviously dominated by the pro-US and pro-South agenda. We need to fight this practical action, and not chanting memorized slogans in a narrow circle.

Attending various kinds of meetings, round tables, I noticed that many of them are held ritually, as if according to one pattern. With this “round table”, our organization, one might say, should be at the forefront, create an example of a high-quality example of work. We invited scientists for a reason.

I thank everyone who on a scientific basis presented a report or speech for our seminar, and I also wish all the activists success in the difficult task of upholding historical justice at the historical stage of the revolution.



Li Jizhen, on behalf of the Chinese Executive Committee of the DPRK ISG, in his address to the participants of the organizing conference, noted:

Comrades, friends!

Since its establishment in 2020, the Chinese Executive Committee of the DPRK ISG has actively promoted the achievements of the DPRK in various fields and held a series of cultural and political events. He played an important role in strengthening and developing friendship between China and Korea and in promoting civil exchanges between the two countries. As the head of the Chinese Executive Committee of the DPRK ISG, I have been making and will continue to make persistent efforts to achieve great results.

At present, the attacks and slander against the DPRK by Western countries are becoming more and more serious, but at the same time, I am also very glad to see that more and more progressive people in the world no longer believe in the false propaganda of the Western media and began to show solidarity with North Korea. Let's join hands, adhering to proletarian internationalism, let's contribute to the cause of international solidarity with the DPRK, and together move towards a better future!

I wish the Organizational Conference a complete success!



Russian Korean scholar Konstantin Asmolov presented the report "Partisan Lessons of the North Korean Leadership".

Summing up the report, he noted that when analyzing the situation, one should always start from the roots. In the case of the North Korean leadership, these roots were their partisan youth.

The scientist agreed with the criticism of the schematic and caricature of "round tables", meetings and other events dedicated to the DPRK, which was expressed by Chairman Mostov in a political speech, and expressed gratitude to the DPRK International Solidarity Group for holding the seminar "Revolutionary Way of Mt. Paektu" precisely on a scientific basis. He stressed that he counts on the continuation of productive cooperation with the aim of the most comprehensive analysis and study of the current political realities of North Korea.



Nikita Dobrov, Representative of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation and the Komsomol of the Russian Federation, made a report on "Kim Il Sung's Efforts in Reunification of Korea under the banner of socialism."

He noted:

We are holding our wonderful event not by chance, but on the eve of August 15 - Korea Liberation Day. On this occasion, I would like to present Comrade Mostov, Head of the DPRK International Solidarity Group, with an honorary medal on the anniversary of the victory. The choice to present this medal was not accidental, because a great victory is not only a victory in the Great Patriotic War, but also the liberation of Korea from the Japanese Imperialists.

Tim Trendelkamp, on behalf of the German Executive Committee, delivered a scientific report "The Philosophy of Guerrilla Struggle", in which he assessed the anti-Japanese war of Commander Kim Il Sung from the standpoint of Karl Schmidt's theory.



A discussion took place between Konstantin Asmolov, Tim Trendelkamp, ​​Viktor Zaitsev and Fedor Sagaida. Chairman Mostov summed up that Commander Kim Il Sung was able to find the necessary balance between theory and practice, which won wide popular support and became the key to victory in the guerrilla war.

On behalf of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, Comrade Mostov was awarded the medal "75 Years of Victory". The participants of the ceremony were photographed with the head of the Solidarity Group.

After the opening ceremony of the organizing conference, high-ranking officials of the DPRK embassy, ​​scientists and activists of our organization viewed the photo exhibition "The Human Face of Korean Socialism."

On the same day, the first day meeting and Comrade Shin Andrey's visit to the embassy of the DPRK took place.

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