Large-scale Solidarity Action in Moscow

   November 24, Moscow (RSTV)   


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Over time, the anger of the progressive people of the world against Israel is growing, as it continues to commit countless crimes against the Palestinian people, ignoring the unanimous opinion of the international community.

On October 25, on the territory of the Embassy of the State of Palestine in the Russian Federation, an action of solidarity with the Palestinian people of the Gaza Strip, which is under severe attack from Israel, took place. Prominent political figures took part in the action, including ambassadors of Syria, Afghanistan and other Arab and Muslim countries, representatives of international organizations (including the SPECPRESS group and the DPRK ISG), and foreign journalists.

On our side, relevant workers of the DPRK International Solidarity Group (DPRK ISG), including comrades Alexander Mostov, Li Jizheng and Tim Trendelkamp, were present.

Arab ambassadors made political speeches. They expressed burning anger at Israel for committing crimes against humanity in the Gaza Strip and issued a joint statement calling for accountability from the leadership of the Jewish state. The statement emphasized the intention to further strengthen cooperation between Arab countries in order to jointly repel Israeli aggression.

Then international political figures exchanged views on the dangerous situation in the region.

A. Mostov, Chairman of the DPRK ISG, gave an interview to the central television channels of Pakistan and Egypt, in which he spoke in detail about how thoroughly the Korean media covered the news about the current Arab-Israeli conflict. He strongly condemned Israeli aggression in the region and expressed the unchanged position of our organization, which is the need to end all oppression of the Palestinians and to resolve the conflict as soon as possible.

The participants of the action took a souvenir photo with the Ambassador of the State of Palestine.


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