Let's Support the Korean People's Fight Against the Epidemic!

   June 8 (RSTV)   


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According to the decisions of the Coordination Committee of the DPRK ISG on May 22, all the Executive Committees of our organization were mobilized to search for scientific and analytical materials that can help the Korean people in the fight against the epidemic.

To date, all scientific and analytical materials have been sent to workers of the anti-epidemic front in Pyongyang. The Executive Committees in China and Germany showed the highest efficiency in search.


-- Meeting of Coordination Committee Held --

The meeting of the Central Committee of our organization on May 22 was attended by members and candidate members of the Coordination Committee of the DPRK ISG, including Alexander Mostov, Chairman of the Coordination Committee and Head of the Russian Executive Committee, Li Jizheng, Deputy Chairman of the Coordination Committee and Head of Chinese Executive Committee, Tim Trendelkamp, ​Ideological Leader of the German Executive Committee, Lieutenant Colonel Shin Andrey and Johannes Wittmund, Head of the German Executive Committee.

The Head of our organization Comrade Alexander Mostov chaired the meeting.

As a representative of the Leninist Young Communist League, the meeting was attended by Ivan Komendantov, Member of the Moscow City Committee of the Leninist Young Communist League of the Russian Federation and Head of Department for Interaction with Organizations. Due to the fact that Klim Belsky was absent without a good reason, the tasks before the Belarusian Executive Committee were set without discussion.

The meeting was held in the format of a plenary session on the following agenda:

  1. Mobilization of all Executive Committees to search for scientific and analytical materials on COVID-19.
  2. The situation in the temporary Executive Committee in Ukraine.
  3. The need to overcome the leftist bias in organizational work in one Executive Committees.
  4. Development of cooperation with the association of ethnic Koreans "Bomminryong", KFA, political parties and public organizations.

Before the start of the meeting, Comrade Mostov expressed gratitude to Comrade Li Jizheng for his special financial contribution to the development of the organization.

Speaking on the first item on the agenda, the Head of our organization informed the audience about the state of affairs in the DPRK in connection with the outbreak of the epidemic. He spoke with admiration of the selfless work of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, who, despite the threat of infection, personally inspected pharmacies in Pyongyang.

Comrade Mostov especially noted the contribution of the Chinese Executive Committee, which, without direct instructions, was the first to hold an emergency meeting on the day the outbreak was announced and expressed its readiness to provide humanitarian assistance. In turn, Comrade Komendantov announced his readiness to provide humanitarian assistance from the Leninist Young Communist League of the Russian Federation.

Then the Head of the Group drew the attention of those present to the position of the temporary Executive Committee in Ukraine on the second issue on the agenda. He said that despite various successes, such as the release of family members of one of our activists, we must remain calm and act proportionately.

The Heads of the Executive Committees spoke on the third issue of the agenda, and appropriate decisions were made. Comrade Mostov presented a report on the status of the Belarusian Executive Committee.

Comrades Tim Trendelkamp and Ivan Komentantov, as well as Lieutenant Colonel Shin Andrey, took the floor on the last item on the agenda.

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