Members and Candidate Members of the C.C. Early Elected

   September 29 (RSTV)   


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During the meeting on September 25, members and candidate members of the Coordination Committee of the DPRK International Solidarity Group (DPRK ISG) were elected ahead of schedule.

Daria Kadkina has been appointed Regional Secretary of the Executive Committee of the Russian Group of Solidarity with the DPRK (Russian SG) in the Siberian Federal District.

Kim Yong Ju has been appointed Adviser on Work with Political Parties and Public Organizations.

By unanimous decision, the Decision on the accession of the Society for the Study of Juche Ideas in the Altai Republic (SSJIAR) of ​​September 22 was ratified.

Candidates for the Committee members were also nominated: Ekaterina Kokhanovich (Deputy Adviser for Work With Political Parties and Public Organizations), Anton (Representative in the United States), Li Yuge (Director of the Propaganda Department of the Chinese Executive Committee) and Luan Xinlong (Deputy Head of the Executive Committee of the Chinese Executive Committee).

The C. C. outlined specific steps to bring the work of the Altai Society in line with the Organization's Charter and made appropriate recommendations.

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