Stas Vasiliev Sent a Personal letter to DPRK SA President

   Moscow, May 14 (RSTV)   


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In connection with the growing international isolation of Russia caused by sanctions pressure from the United States, more and more public figures of this country are in favor of lifting sanctions and developing relations with the DPRK.

On May 9, the popular YouTube blogger Stas Vasiliev, who previously had an official meeting with Alexander Mostov, Chairman of the DPRK ISG, sent a personal message to the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un. In his letter, he cordially congratulated the Korean leader on Victory Day in the Great Patriotic War and expressed his deep gratitude to him for the fact that the DPRK did not turn away from Russia.

The video blogger noted that at the moment his country is being subjected to unfair sanctions and pressure from the West, just like Korea has been for many decades. He emphasized that decades pass, but the methods of the United States do not change: only the ways to divide peoples and sow hatred change.

Comrade Vasiliev writes the following.

“In my opinion, certain parallels can be drawn between the situation in Ukraine and the situation in which Korea found itself after the forced division into North and South. Instead of Syngman Rhee, we have Zelensky, and instead of the 'Northwest Youth League', we have the 'Azov Battalion'. Yes, the purges from pro-Russian forces in Odessa, Kharkiv and other Ukrainian cities that followed the Maidan are significantly different from the terror of Rhee Syngman in southern Korea, but the essence of such events, the beneficiary of which is invariably the United States, is always the same. The US are always trying to divide nation, make the territory their sphere of influence and siphon resources. An external enemy splits the united nation with the influence of radio, television, newspapers.

You, like no one else, know that there will always be collaborators who, for the sake of their own selfish interests, are ready to tell any fables about their Motherland. There will always be defectors who are ready to endlessly invent lies for the European and US media that control the entire media space. Now that the United States has finally thrown off the mask of a fighter for freedom and democracy, everything has finally fallen into place.

Unfortunately, during the 30 years of capitalism and the counter-revolution that destroyed the Soviet Union, we have not been able to restore the lost economic and technological sovereignty, having become an appendage of the bourgeois economy. Russia to the last tried to maintain the usual world order, but the situation escalated to such an extent that she had to start a "Special Military Operation" under the threat of her own destruction.

Being under sanctions and information attack for only a short time, my fellow citizens have already fallen into despair. Thinking about this, I well understand how hard it was for the Korean people to be all alone, when the leading powers fabricated unfair sanctions against the Republic, and the world media spread blatant lies and slander against its socialist system. And I am endlessly admired by how you endured all this and did not open markets for Western capital, which, like poison, destroys the economy from the inside.

As a professional YouTube blogger, I have noticed that videos with tests of new types of weapons developed and produced entirely by the DPRK have become especially popular in my country now. Nice to see it.

I sincerely hope that now that the world is obviously no longer unipolar, our countries will cooperate. I am insanely bitter that my country, trying to integrate into world capitalism, previously supported sanctions against the DPRK. But I hope that our government will have the foresight to abolish them.

Everything that should have been resolved in the last century will definitely be completed in this one. We are on the verge of a redivision of the world order, and I do not know where this will lead. But I hope that thanks to your tireless efforts, the world will change for the better!”


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