Statement on the Taiwan Presidential “Election”

   February 9, Beijing (DPRK ISG Information Bureau)   


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On January 15, 2024, the Chinese Executive Committee of the DPRK International Solidarity Group (DPRK ISG) issued the following statement regarding the results of the presidential “election” in Chinese Taiwan:

The Chinese Executive Committee of the DPRK ISG does not recognize the recently announced results of the presidential “election” in Chinese Taiwan. We believe that this complete political farce once again shows that the DPP cannot represent the real mainstream public opinion on the island.

Taiwan is part of Chinese territory. These so-called "elections" cannot change the basic pattern and direction of cross-strait relations, stop the compatriots' desire for rapprochement and the general trend that the motherland will inevitably be reunited in the end!

Given the current cross-strait situation, we are deeply aware that the cause of opposing “independence” and promoting reunification still has a long way to go. The DPRK ISG has always firmly supported the 1992 Consensus, which embodies the principle of one China, and has resolutely opposed all attempts to secede Taiwan from the PRC under the pretext of “independence” or “autonomy.”

Anyone who has clearly seen the development trend of today's world understands that the realization of China's reunification is the aspiration of the people and the general trend. The world at large recognizes that there is only one China and that the government of the People's Republic of China is the only legitimate government that represents the will of all the Chinese people. The future of Taiwan's development lies in national reunification, and the well-being of Taiwanese compatriots lies in the peaceful reunification of both sides of the Taiwan Strait. This is the main reason why people on both sides of the Taiwan Strait must stand firm and stand together for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation!

Our Chinese nation is one of the greatest nations in the world, with a magnificent culture and a long history. Our outstanding contribution to world civilization and human development is universally recognized. Taiwan has been an integral part of China since ancient times. The Chinese nation has strong vitality and unity. Although there have been many foreign invasions and internal disputes throughout history, our nation has never been divided for long. Taiwan's separation from the motherland, which lasted more than 70 years, is man-made, a historical tragedy, and contrary to the fundamental interests and aspirations of our nation. This must not continue!

The Chinese Executive Committee of the DPRK ISG firmly believes that every Chinese person, every Chinese organization and social group has an inevitable responsibility for the survival, development and prosperity of the Chinese nation. We all face the reunification of the Motherland - the most important task related to the future of the entire nation, which no one can and should not avoid. The reunification of the Motherland is a sacred mission entrusted by history to our generation.

Time moves, the situation develops. All members of the Chinese Executive Committee of the DPRK ISG are always ready to actively unite with all the descendants of Yang and Huang at home and abroad to make due contributions to speed up the great process of the reunification of the Motherland!


DPRK International Solidarity Group

Chinese Executive Committee

January 15, 2024

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