The Central Mourning Meeting Was Held


As far as December 17, the day of mourning for the Great Leader Kim Jong Il, the person widely recognised as an all-conquering general and defender of peace on earth, approaches, the progressive humanity is filled with grief. In this regard, on November 29, 109 Juche (2020), the Central Mourning Meeting organized by the DPRK International Solidarity Group (DPRK ISG) in cooperation with the Leninist Communist Youth Union of the Russian Federation (LYCL RF) was held.

The representatives of friendly parties and political organizations, including International Union "BOMMINRYONG", Communist Party "Communists of Russia" (C.C. CPCR), Chinese society for the study of the Juche idea, NPO "Open Space", British, Portuguese and Swiss offices of the Korean Friendship Association (KFA), the Swiss group for the study of Juche idea, the Committee on the 9th anniversary of the death of General Kim Jong Il, and the London group for the study of Juche idea.

The upcoming event has had the special significance for our organization. So that the Chairman of the Coordination Committee of the DPRK ISG and the Preparatory Committee on important dates, Alexander Mostov, personally arrived to St. Petersburg to monitor the preparations for the meeting. On behalf of the preparatory Committee, Nikita Dobrov, a member of the DPRK ISG Coordination Committee responsible for cooperation between our Group and the LYCL of the Russian Federation, headed the main part of mourning meeting.



Just before the funeral meeting has got started, the head of our organization visited the location and expressed deep gratitude to the St. Petersburg city Committee of the LYCL of the Russian Federation and the organizational work head manager for the work been done. He said that the Komsomol members have made wonderful portrait photographs of the Leader and the General and shown respect towards their memory by purchasing flowers for laying.



Then a ceremony of certificates awarding and letters of thanks exchange took place. Several senior representatives of the Communist party and the DPRK ISG were awarded with solidarity badges.



The immortal revolutionary anthems "Song of General Kim Il Sung" and "Song of General Kim Jong Il" were played out, and the funeral meeting began.

On behalf of the DPRK ISG Coordination Committee, Comrade Alexander Mostov gave an opening speech as Chairman of the Preparatory Committee.



He told the participants about the key stages of the revolutionary life of the Great Leader Kim Jong Il and noted the following with deep sorrow:

« – As the Chairman of the Preparatory Committee for important dates, I thank everyone who decided to participate in the mourning meeting on the 9th anniversary of the untimely death of the Eternal General Secretary of the WPK, the Eternal Chairman of the DPRK SDC and the Supreme Commander of the KPA, the Great Leader Comrade Kim Jong Il.

Throughout his life, Comrade Kim Jong Il comprehensively inherited the cause of the Korean revolution. He systematized and laid the scientific foundation for the ideas of Juche, the key factor for the prosperity of the Korean nation. He developed the powerful Songun policy, which saved the Korean socialist system from the fate of the Pro-Soviet regimes in Eastern Europe, while it was under the blockade and sanctions pressure.

The Great Leader of the DPRK worked with no sleep or rest: he sacrificed all his soul and all his life force to build a powerful and prosperous state and to improve the life of the people. Even while facing a rapid health deterioration and getting under strict medical contraindications, Сomrade Kim Jong Il carried out leadership on the ground until his last breath.

And so, on December 17, 100 Juche (2011), the Great Leader died of an unexpected illness caused by spiritual and physical overwork on the path of managing state affairs...

There is no doubt that Сomrade Kim Jong Il's entire life was devoted to the work in favour of people. So let us honour the memory of this great titan of Paektusan!”

Participants of the Central Funeral Meeting bowed their heads in front of portrait photographs of the Leader and the General.

In memory of the General, the anthem "International" has been played out.



The first report was given by Roman Kononenko, Secretary of the Central Committee of the LYCL of the Russian Federation. He outlined the need to preserve the memory of the Great commander, reminding that the Great leader Kim Jong Il, is one of the most important ideologists and practisers of socialism.

In addition, comrade Kononenko read out a letter from the first Secretary of the LYCL of the Russian Federation Central Committee, Vladimir Isakov, sent to the Chairman of the WPK Kim Jong Un, on the ninth anniversary of the Eternal General Secretary Kim Jong Il’s death. It was noted in that letter, that socialist Korea remains loyal to the precepts of its Great leaders and develops successfully.

Yegor Mikhailov, first Secretary of the LYCL of the Russian Federation, noted the contribution of the Great Leader Kim Jong Il, to the development of bilateral relations between Korea and Russia. He reminded that our fraternal peoples are linked by years of friendship, highlighting the connection between Lenin's Komsomol and Kimilsungist-Kinjongilist Youth Union (KKYU).



Deputy Chairman of the Committee of leaders of the DPRK ISG, resident representative of the Group in China, comrade Li Jizheng has presented a report "Comrade Kim Jong Il is immortal". He gave a brief review of political activities of the Great leader, comrade Kim Jong Il, and noted that he was not only a great politician, but also a great culture figure. He also stressed that the death of Comrade Kim Jong Il is a grievous loss for the Korean people and for the international Communist movement.

" - Although comrade Kim Jong Il has passed away, his noble image will live forever in the hearts of the Korean people," comrade Li stated.



The member of the St. Petersburg LYCL city committee Bureau, member of the Committee of leaders, DPRK ISG and organizational work head manager Nikita Dobrov described the Great Leader Kim Jong Il as the glorious creator, thanks to wisdom of whom the peace in Asia was preserved. He emphasized that it was Comrade Kim Jong Il who held the first inter-Korean summit and made attempts for the peaceful unification of Korea.

Comrade Dobrov referenced the words of the Chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist party of the Russian Federation Gennady Zyuganov, which he wrote just after great Comrade Kim Jong Il’s death, stating that Russian Communists mourned together with their Korean comrades for great leader.



Chinese activist Qi Pengfei gave a speech after it.

He said:

“The Great Leader comrade Kim Jong Il loved his country and people all his life, worked day and night within the spirit of patriotism and self-dedication, laying the foundation for the country's prosperity. He was a great person of a global scale. Throughout his long life he expanded the theory and practice of Marxism, strengthened the socialist construction of North Korea, and contributed a lot to the Sino-Korean friendship. We will forever miss our Great leader Comrade Kim Jong Il!

At the end of the meeting, the flower-laying ceremony took place.

Senior officials of the DPRK ISG and the LYCL of the Russian Federation lined up in front of the portrait photographs of the Leader and the  eneral installed on the national flag of the Republic. Behind the photo portraits there were flags with the image of a hammer and sickle, the Victory banner, and the flag of the Communist party.

Participants of the funeral meeting laid flowers in pairs. Then bowed to pay respects to the cherished memory of the Great Leader Kim Jong Il.


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