Comrades Pak Jong Chon and Kim Yo Jong Condemn South Korea's Confrontational Madness

   Pyongyang, April 3 (KCNA - RSTV)   


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Press Statement of Secretary of WPK Central Committee Pak Jong Chon

Pak Jong Chon, Secretary of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea, made public a press statement on Saturday which said:

I open to public this press statement because it is absolutely necessary for our people and army to get to know about the south Korean military's hysteric pursuit for confrontation with the DPRK.

South Korean Minister of Defense So Uk reeled off a string of rhetoric at a ceremony for the reorganization of the "ground missile strategic command" on April 1.

There he bluffed that the south Korean army has lots of missiles with various missions whose firing range, accuracy and power have been dramatically improved. He, citing a sign of missile launch by the DPRK, said that the south Korean army has ability to make precision and preemptive strike at the origin of launch and command and support facilities and has adopted a posture for it.

He vowed to keep developing long-range, ultra-precision, high-performance and diverse ballistic missiles capable of containing the enemy in the future, openly revealing his intent to stoke up the military stand-off with the DPRK, whom he called an enemy.

He must be crazy or silly to speak of "preemptive attack" on the nuclear weapons state.

He is steeped in the mindset of stand-off to the marrows of his bones.

Now the Korean peninsula is technically at war. Any slight misjudgment and ill statement rattling the other party under the present situation where acute military tension persists may become a spark triggering off a dangerous conflict and a full-blown war. This is a fact known by all.

The provocative rhetoric made by the Defence Minister of south Korea against the DPRK under the present situation clearly shows the anti-DPRK confrontational frenzy of the south Korean military.

As he provoked us, touting a preemptive strike, I will make one short warning representing our army.

If the south Korean army engages in a dangerous military action as a preemptive strike against the DPRK, being guided by misjudgment, our army will mercilessly direct all its military force into destroying major targets in Seoul and the south Korean army.

The south Korean military must not ramp up the tension with its confrontational acts.

We know well that they are shaking in fear and uneasiness but are bluffing and making confrontational rhetoric to relieve its people of worries. It had better not bluff any more.


Press Statement of Kim Yo Jong, Vice Department Director of C.C., WPK

Kim Yo Jong, Vice Department Director of the Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea, issued the following statement Saturday:

The south Korean Defence Minister on April 1 revealed his confrontation hysteria with the DPRK, talking about "preemptive strike" on it.

The senseless and scum-like guy dare mentioned the "preemptive strike" at a nuclear weapons state, in his senseless bluster which will never be beneficial to south Korea, either.

He is a confrontation maniac engrossed in the mindset of confrontation with his fellow countrymen in the north.

His reckless and intemperate rhetoric about the "preemptive strike" has further worsened the inter-Korean relations and the military tension on the Korean Peninsula.

Now we can not but take his confrontation hysteria seriously and reconsider a lot of things.

South Korea may face a serious threat owing to the reckless remarks made by its Defence Minister.

As long as the south Korean military revealed its intent to seek provocative incentive of serious level and escalate a showdown with the DPRK, I will give a serious warning upon authorization.

We will reconsider a lot of things concerning south Korea.

South Korea should discipline itself if it wants to stave off disaster.

I hope I don't hear him blustering again.

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