Daily "Rodong Sinmun" runs editorial 25.06.108 (2019)


The daily "Rodong Sinmun" carried an editorial on the 25th under the title "Let Us Carry forward and Glorify the Spirit of National Defence through Generations".

The editorial said the Fatherland Liberation War forced by the US imperialists 69 years ago was a severe trial to the Korean people, and continued.

The imperialist aggressors mobilized huge forces and war hardware to suffocate the two-year-old DPRK in its cradle and reduced the whole of the country to ashes. During the war they did not hesitate to commit tremendous inhumane crimes unprecedented in history.

In the three-year fierce war watched by the whole world with great uneasiness and apprehensions, the Korean people fought in firm unity behind the Great Leader Kim Il Sung and created a world-startling myth of victory.

The editorial called on all to vigorously struggle for the victory in the cause of building a powerful socialist country under the leadership of the party, regarding the spirit of national defence in the 1950s as a weapon of victory, the powerful ideological weapon which brought only victories in the decades of building a prosperous country.

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