Incheon Peace Alliance Was Formed


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On May 6, the South Korean media 《Tongilnews》 reported that the Incheon Peace Alliance for Independence was formed on April 30 to end unequal South Korean-American relations and promote peace and reunification on the Korean Peninsula with the independence of the people.

On that day, the head of the newly proclaimed alliance said:

- I can't hold my anger at the actions of the United States, which are blocking independent inter-Korean exchange and cooperation. <...> I am not going to live in slavery under US rule.

~70 activists in Incheon who attended the ceremony expressed their commitment to the reunification movement.

In their statements, the speakers claimed that they would continue the anti-American struggle. The activists noted that no matter what difficulties arise on the way to establishing independence and peace with North Korea, they will break through any obstacles as a united frontier and win.


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