International Civil Tribunal for US Crimes Against Humanity

   September 17, Juche 110 (2021) 《Tongilvoice, RSTV》   


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According to several South Korean media reports, including 《Minplus》, 《Unification News》 and 《People's Voice》, the International Civil Tribunal for US Crimes Against Humanity was held in Seoul on September 8.

"International Civil Tribunal" clearly communicates to a new generation that has never faced war and colonial slavery, the essence of the crimes of the US imperialists, including: violation of the state's right to self-defense, violation of fundamental human rights, genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity against the civilian population. The meeting was held with the aim of denouncing the United States from the perspective of international law and human rights.

On that day, the International Civil Tribunal held a joint trial in five cases:

  1. "Massacre during the Yeosu-Suncheon Rebellion"
  2. "Massacre of civilians in Daejeon"
  3. "Massacre in Sinchon, Hwanghae Province"
  4. "Activities of the South Korean Biochemical Laboratory of the US Armed Forces"
  5. "Mass murder using nuclear weapons in Hiroshima and Nagaski"

In the courtroom, the civil prosecutor proved that the brutal killings of civilians by the accused and unjust violations of international law were sufficiently identified by the expertise to hold the accused responsible for their wrongful acts and restore historical justice.

The indictment included four former and current US presidents, as well as about 10 criminals, including MacArthur, Ridgway, and Mucho; the trial took place without their presence.

The main focus of the International Civil Tribunal was on the questions selected in last year's US War Crimes Complaints Competition. The final decision will be made in New York, USA, in October 2022.


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