Online Exhibitions of Books, Photos and Stamps Held in Various Countries


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Many countries and regional organizations held online exhibitions of books, photos and stamps on the occasion of the 75th founding anniversary of the Workers' Party of Korea.

Those countries are China, Russia, Myanmar, Syria, India, Cambodia, Pakistan, Germany, Romania, Bulgaria, Sweden, Italy, the Czech Republic, Poland, Serbia, Libya, Senegal, Mexico and Brazil.

Mass media, political parties, organizations, institutions and regional bodies in many countries posted on their websites photos and works of President Kim Il Sung, Chairman Kim Jong Il and Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, and photos, video clips, books and stamps showing achievements made by the Korean people in socialist construction.

They include Ren-TV Broadcasting, Red Star TV (Bulgeunbyeol TV), and the online magazine Lemchich of Russia, Syrian Arab News Agency, AKP of Cambodia, the Maritime Territorial Regional Committee and the Vladivostok City Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, the Pakistan Association for Self-Reliance Studies, the Anti-Imperialist Forum of Germany, the Romanian Workers' Association, the Group for the Study of Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism of Bulgaria, the Group of Dialectical Materialists of Italy, the Italian Committee for the Study of Songun Idea for Independence and Sovereignty, the Libya-Korea Friendship Association, the Brazilian Center for the Study of Songun Politics, and the Asian Regional Institute of the Juche Idea.

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