Successful Test-fire of Newly Developed Super-large Multiple Rocket Launcher Held under Guidance of Supreme Leader


Kim Jong Un, Chairman of the Workers' Party of Korea and Chairman of the State Affairs Commission and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, guided test-fire of the newly developed super-multiple rocket launch system on August 24.

He was accompanied by senior officials of the Party Central Committee and the field of national defence science including Ri Pyong Chol, Kim Jong Sik, Jang Chang Ha, Jon Il Ho and Jong Sung Il to guide the test-fire.

Comrade Kim Jong Un learned about the development of the super-multiple rocket launch system and issued an order to test-fire it.

Through the test-fire, it was confirmed that all the tactical and technical specifications of the system have correctly reached the planned indices.

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un was very pleased to see the gigantic militant power of the system.

He highly praised, saying:

It is really a great weapon. Our young national defence scientists have conceived and designed the weapon system they had never seen absolutely with their brains and succeeded it at a time. They are clever. They have done a great job.

What I am most pleased today is to see a detachment of young and prominent talents being trained to shoulder the rapid progress of the Juche-based national defence industry through the development of the new weapon. They are the precious treasures and wealth of the country that cannot be bartered for all the world. Thanks to the talented national defence scientists and technicians who are loyal to the Party, the Juche-based national defence industry will be constantly strengthened and developed.

The Juche weapons we developed and completed intensively show the greatness of the WPK which has provided a powerful war deterrence to firmly defend socialism of Korean style with responsibility for the destiny and future of the country and people and the noble loyalty of the national defence scientists devoting all their patriotic zeal in response to the leadership of the Party.

August 24 is an unforgettable good day. On the day three years ago we succeeded in the underwater launch test of ballistic missile from a strategic submarine which is one of only a few missiles worldwide.

The important mission of our national defence industry is to firmly consolidate the state defence capability to safeguard the Party and the revolution, the country and the people, guarantee the final victory of the revolution and lead and actively promote the building of a powerful socialist country. He stressed the need to launch an unyielding offensive to boost our strength to the level we demand and thus continue to vigorously speed up the development of strategic and tactical weapons of Korean style capable of resolutely containing and smashing the aggrandized military threat and pressure of the hostile forces.


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