Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un Visits February 8 General Machine Factory


Comrade Kim Jong Un, Chairman of the WPK, Chairman of the State Affairs Commission and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the DPRK, gave field guidance to the February 8 General Machine Factory.

He was accompanied by officials of the WPK Central Committee and the State Affairs Commission including Jo Yong Won, Yu Jin, Kim Yong Su, Hyon Song Wol, Kim Chang Son and Ma Won Chun.

Comrade Kim Jong Un looked round the Revolutionary Museum.

The February 8 General Machine Factory founded in October 1945 is warmly associated with the immortal leadership exploits; it was visited by the Eternal President Kim Il Sung on 41 occasions, by the Eternal Chairman Kim Jong Il on 24 occasions and by the respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un 5 times.

Supreme Leader  Kim Jong Un impressively remembered October 28, 2011 when he visited the factory in company with Kim Jong Il. He said the employees of the factory should keep deep in their hearts the devoted efforts of Kim Jong Il who had made great painstaking efforts for the strengthening and development of the factory until the last time of his life and lead the whole country, carrying forward the tradition of the factory that has faithfully supported the Party with high productive successes.

He was briefed on the reconstruction of the factory on a modern basis and the implementation of its production plans before going round workshops.

He said the production site is better than the houses of culture in cities and counties, really fabulous and visual aids have been made well to explain the party policy. He highly praised that the factory is a civilized factory with the cultured ways in production ensured on the highest level among the factories rebuilt on a modern basis recently.

He stressed: Now all the industrial establishments are said to be disseminating science and technology but the technical knowledge and skills of the workers are not high enough. If the employees of the factory become ingrained in producing repeatedly the same products with the supplied materials and neglect the work of enhancing their technical knowledge and skills, they would lag behind in spite of themselves. They should make strenuous efforts to raise their technical qualifications.

Comrdae Kim Jong Un underscored the need to conduct the ideological education among the employees of the factory with the main stress on the implementation of the revolutionary assignments in a realistic way and provide them with good working and living conditions.

He said: All the elements of the factory including the production processes, sci-tech learning space and the house of culture should meet the modern sense of beauty and the demand of the party policy. The February 8 General Machine Factory should create a model and generalize it across the country, arousing all to follow it with a clear understanding of the modernization intended by the Party.

Kim Jong Un looked at the modern machinery produced by the factory and learned about their performances in detail while stressing the need to raise the level of scientification of the devices checking products and establish a strict inspection system.

He also saw different kinds of daily necessaries made by workers of the factory and highly praised them for having made various useful goods by making an effective use of idle materials in the local area.

The factory should keep waging a vigorous struggle to normalize production of daily necessaries by using the idle materials, expand their variety and improve their quality, he said and stressed that it is a step taken by the Party for the improvement of the people's living standards and an important political issue.

Comrade Kim Jong Un told the officials of the factory that he looked round the factory with great satisfaction and warmly asked them to convey his regards to all the employees.


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