US Imperialists Prepare for New Korean War

   April 16, Juche 111 (2022)《Uriminzokkiri - RSTV》   


South Korean media reports that since April 9, massive anti-war demonstrations have unfolded in South Korea. In particular, significant protests took place in Pyeongtaek, where the world's largest overseas US military base is located.

Having examined many types of weapons placed by the occupiers at Camp Humphreys, the demonstrators were personally convinced of the readiness of the United States to unleash a new aggressive war. After getting acquainted with the situation at the US Air Force base, representatives of trade unions and civil society organizations in the Pyeongtaek held a press conference.

The protesters who participated in the rally said that, while inspecting the US base in Pyeongtaek, they were personally convinced of the preparations of the US imperialists for a new war on Korean soil. They emphasized that now Koreans from different social classes who oppose US bases throughout the region should work together under anti-war and anti-US slogans. The demonstrators also called on the South Korean government to make efforts to ensure peace on the Korean Peninsula in accordance with the current situation.

The rally participants once again realized that the fight against the United States is not a problem of only one province, but an important task that the Korean nation must solve with united forces.

After the meeting, a group of demonstrators went to the Pyeongtaek station to hold a propaganda action "Stop the exercise of the joint forces of the Republic of Korea and the United States!".



Meanwhile, on April 10, active citizen groups and progressive parties, including the South Korean Committee for the Implementation of the June 15 North-South Joint Declaration, held a "Peaceful Steps Concentration Action" to stop the US-South Korean military exercises.

About a hundred demonstrators urged the current authorities in the South to reopen the door to inter-Korean dialogue by ending the US-South Korean military exercises, abandoning the "preemptive strike" and hostile stance towards North Korea, and choose peace.

The protesters, speaking under the common slogan "Our land is not an US military base," stressed that people must work together if they really want to create a new history of independence and peace.


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