Youth Must Become the Master of Socialist Morality and Culture

   Pyongyang, August 27 (Rodong Sinmun, RSTV)   


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Respected Comrade Kim Jong Un said:

"The strong socialist state that we are building must have excellent moral and cultural development, and young people play a very important role in this."

The upbringing of young people as the true master of moral and cultural ideals is an important issue, on the solution of which the future of the country and the continuity of the revolution depend.

The youth of today is a generation that has never faced the trials of the revolution. For this reason, hostile forces are now obsessively clinging to reactionary ideological and cultural manipulation. Their main task is to carry out cultural expansion into our country in order to morally corrupt the new generation of Korean revolutionaries. We need, considering this a matter of paramount importance, to educate young people even more resolutely as the embodiment of noble moral and ethical principles.

To support the cause of socialism, young people must become the real masters of socialist morality and culture.

Building socialism is a long-term project that is passed down from generation to generation, and its victorious progress depends on the level of training of young people. There is no doubt that inheriting an ideological lineage and believing in the continuity of socialism is the key to success. This is our first priority, requiring careful moral preparation.

When representatives of the new generation become bearers of superior socialist morals and culture, the noble spirit of our socialist ideology will flourish throughout the country. But if they are defiled by capitalist morality and Western culture based on individualism, young people will turn into morally ugly, inferior people who only strive for personal comfort and pleasure, and ultimately become enemies of the socialist revolution.

Socialism collapsed in a number of countries, not because life was hard there, and not because their national defense was weak. This happened due to the fact that the pernicious wind of capitalism covered a new generation of revolutionaries with a wave: society became heterogeneous, and young people, deceived by the winds of "change", took the initiative to destroy their own livelihoods. History has taught us that bourgeois morality and culture are dangerous toxins that can poison the minds of a new generation and lead them to abandon socialism.

Today, the noble virtue and sincerity of a new generation of revolutionaries, who regard other people's sorrows and joys as their own, flourish day after day. These are our youth, ready to sacrifice their blood and flesh for the common good without hesitation. As long as there is a large army of such reservists, applying in practice the noble socialist morality, our socialism will be firmly passed on from generation to generation.

Making young people true masters of socialist morality and culture is the main guarantee of new miracles and innovation in the implementation of the decisions of the party congress.

The 8th Party Congress gave the most scientific and development-oriented course towards promoting socialism in our model along a more stable and prosperous path. Also, the party congress presented specific tasks in each area, including politics, economics, military affairs and culture.

It is difficult to expect any grandiose changes without the progressive struggle of the youth masses towards the goal set by our party in socialist construction. Only with the seething blood in the spirit of the youth can a breakthrough be made and it can be determined whether the difficult tasks entrusted to the party congress can bear fruit.

One of the important secrets of the success and viability of socialism in our model is that our youth, despite today's unprecedentedly harsh circumstances, devote their clear conscience to the struggle to defend the party's ideology and implement its policies. Since the new generation of revolutionaries is the most active part of society, they are at the forefront of building a new culture. Following them, our entire country, overflowing with joyful excitement, is energetically advancing the cause of socialism.

Our party strives to ensure that the noble socialist morality and excellent socialist culture created by previous generations of revolutionaries in our country are flawlessly passed on to future generations.


Han Ok Ju

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