I Am Daughter of a Worker: Jang Pom I, Student of the Pyongyang University of Medical Sciences

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The lyric poem "I Am a Son of a Worker" is one of the poems the Korean people like to recite.

I like this poem very much, which impressively sang of the ideological sentiments that ours is the society of workers through the inner world of son of a worker.



The poem was written in the 1980s long before I was born. But it represents my feeling.

When my friends boasted of their fathers, I felt somewhat sad because I had nothing special to talk about my father, a worker, and envied them. When I entered the Pyongyang University of Medical Sciences as I hoped after leaving a middle school, I wished my new friends would not ask me about my father's occupation.

To my surprise, I was the envy of my friends from April because I moved to Kyongru-dong in the Central District of Pyongyang City.



A little over three months have passed since I moved to the luxury residential quarters from an ordinary house in Tongdaewon District. However, I often wonder if I am the owner of this luxury house.



I still remember that I cried with delight, seeing my father's name "Jang Un Chol" written on the doorplate on the day when we moved into the new house.

That day, my mother and I cried. So did my father who had seldom spoken and expressed his feeling before.

My father is working at a factory in Pyongyang City. He was a simple and ordinary person who regarded it as his pleasure to enjoy respect and love of his collective as a worker-inventor.

He had worked without telling his family members even the happy news that he became a meritorious person of socialist patriotism. Seeing him sob with excitement, I felt deeper thanks to the respected Kim Jong Un who made my father and family the envy of others. I wanted to shout aloud that I am the daughter of a worker.

That day, my father told his family members time and again to do more work for our grateful system that regards the ordinary working people as the treasure and enables them to enjoy the greatest honour and happiness.

People call Kyongru-dong village of patriots.

I will strive to become a patriot contributing to the country with pure conscience and enthusiasm like my father and other labour innovators and meritorious persons of my village. I will study hard the medical science and technology to be a good doctor contributing to the improvement of the people's health.

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