Civil society groups in South Korea are active in anti-US struggle

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According to South Korean media reports, on May 29 and 30, civil society groups, including the National Sovereign Union, the Youth Party, and the College Students Rehabilitation Union, held political demonstrations in front of US military bases scattered across Namju, Ryonsan, Pyeongtaek, Chuncheon, Daegu, Busan, and Jeju Island. Various protests were held, such as political rallies, solo pickets, mass rallies and press conferences.

A variety of propaganda posters condemning United States aggression were posted on the vehicles of political rally participants. On the propaganda posters it says: “Stop the hostilities!”, “Get out with your weapons!”, “Stop the pollution!”

Participants in protests in front of a US military base vehemently condemned the aggressive actions of the US imperialists and South Korean puppet authorities.









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