Firing Drill of Railway-borne Missile Regiment Held

   Pyongyang, January 15 (KCNA)   


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A firing drill for checking and judging the proficiency in the action procedures of the railway-borne missile regiment of North Phyongan Province took place on Friday.

It was supervised by commanding officers of the Korean People's Army and leading officials of the Academy of Defence Science.

The drill was aimed at checking the alert posture of the combatants of the regiment and bolstering their ability of discharging firepower mission.

The regiment received a firepower mission at short notice from the General Staff in the morning on Friday before swiftly moving to the firing ground, and precisely struck the set target in the East Sea of Korea with two tactical guided missiles.

The combat posture of the railway-borne missile regiment of North Phyongan Province which demonstrated high maneuverability and rate of hits in the drill was highly appreciated in the review and the issues were discussed to set up proper railway-borne missile operating system across the country and to find out ways for further completing our style fighting methods with the railway-borne missiles.


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