KPRA, First Revolutionary Armed Forces in Korea


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President  Kim Il Sung  founded the Korean People's Revolutionary Army, the first revolutionary armed forces of Juche type, on April 25, Juche 21 (1932) and led the anti-Japanese armed struggle to victory to accomplish the historic cause of national liberation.


At that time it was the Anti-Japanese People's Guerrilla Army, which was formed with workers, peasants and patriotic youths hating the Japanese imperialists and their stooges and loving the country and the people. Its purpose and mission were to overthrow the Japanese imperialists' colonial rule in Korea and achieve the national independence and social liberation.

The foundation of the Anti-Japanese People's Guerrilla Army was a declaration of war against the Japanese imperialists.

In no more than two years after its birth, the guerilla army rapidly grew and gained in strength with competent military commanders produced.

The President reorganized it into the KPRA in conformity with the requirement of the developing revolution in March 1934.

Under his command the KPRA had fully displayed its political and military might in the armed struggle to defeat the Japanese imperialists boasting of being the "leader of Asia", with neither state-backing home front nor assistance of a regular army, and achieve the historic cause of national liberation.

In those days, the KPRA set a noble example of international obligation by assisting the revolutionary struggle of the Chinese people at the cost of blood and defending the victorious socialist revolution of the Soviet Union with arms.


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