The brutal assasination of an african american citizen commited by a white police officer in the US set the masses in trumoil


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On May 25, an African American citizen was brutally murdered in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

According to media reports, on this day, a white police officer broke the neck of an African American man with his knee during the arrest. The man was taken to hospital soon after but died from wounds. 

The next day, a video was posted on the Internet web showing the arrested African American man being pinned to the ground and shouting: " - I can't breathe!". 

Within this framework, numerous protests now take place among the local communities, condemning the racist behaviour of the police. 

The demonstrators demand the punishment for malefactors, blaming the police for assassination. 

When protests sparked by the murder of an African American, risen up the masses across the country, the Governor of Minnesota declared a state of emergency.


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