Leaflet-scattering against South Will Not Be Bound to Any Agreement and Principle


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A spokesman for the United Front Department of Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea released the following statement on Saturday:

The Ministry of Unification of south Korea expressed its "regret" at our plan of scattering leaflets towards the south and clarified its stand of demanding an immediate stop to it on June 20.

It made absurd nonsense that the said plan is a clear violation of the agreement between the north and the south.

We are so fed up with south Korea that we do not want to make any response nor exchange any coarse words with it, but we can not but ask it if they do not feel ashamed.

Given their own wrongdoings, how dare they utter such words as regret and violation?

As for their impudence, no one can rival them in it and they are the top-class brazenfaced guys.

It is truly pity to see the south Korean authorities running helter-skelter.

We would like to make clear our stand.

We, clearly aware that leaflet scattering is the violation of the north-south agreement, do not have any intent to reconsider or change our plan at a time when the north-south relations have already been broken down.

Before belatedly touting violation and principle, they should have looked back on who perpetrated first and connived at acts that lighted the fuse of the north-south conflict and who deteriorated the situation to the catastrophe.

The whole world already knows about the whole story of "balloon event" which can neither be reversed nor denied.

The south Korean authorities must no longer talk about the agreement that has been already reduced to a dead document.

We would like to clarify once again that the retaliatory campaign for scattering leaflets towards the south which is being planned as wished by all the Koreans will neither be bound to any agreement and principle nor be put into any consideration.

When they are put in our shoes, the south Korean authorities will be able to understand even a bit how disgustedly we looked at them and how offending it was for us.

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