The War in Ukraine Is the Consequence of US Intervention

   Lisichansk, July 16 (RSTV)   


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-- Correspondent of “Bulgeunbyeol TV” Interviewed Residents of Liberated Lisichansk --

History shows that kowtowing before the big powers inevitably leads to the loss of sovereignty, and the loss of sovereignty always leads to a war that destroys human lives.

Speaking of servility, the Great Leader Comrade Kim Jong Il said:

“In servility and reliance on external forces is the path to the collapse of the country.”

The tragic war in Ukraine are a vivid confirmation of such an easy-to-understand, but at the same time extremely wise statement.

The fact is that as a result of malicious US interference in the internal affairs of Ukraine in 2014, the Ukrainian state actually lost its sovereignty. A group of neo-Nazis led by local oligarchs carried out a pro-US coup d'état on the Euromaidan. Desiring to suppress the will of the peoples for true independence as soon as possible, the US imperialists ordered the Kyiv regime to launch a reactionary campaign of "decommunization" and "de-Russification", but they seriously miscalculated. The uprisings in the south-east of the country led to the formation of the Donetsk and Lugansk people's republics, and a bloody eight-year civil war began.

Since the beginning of the Special Military Operation in Ukraine, the most fierce clashes took place precisely on the territory of the DPR and LPR. According to several sources, as of May 10, 2022, the United States supplied Ukraine with weapons and equipment worth about $25 billion. US spending is ten times the cost of all other participants in such deliveries.

Recently, the forces of the People's Militia of the LPR and the Russian Armed Forces took Lisichansk, which became a landmark event for the region. The restoration of the territorial integrity of the LPR made it possible to assess the entire tragic scale of the destruction caused by neo-Nazis with US weapons.



Alexander Mostov, a war correspondent for "Bulgeunbyeol TV", on July 4th entered the liberated Lisichansk together with the fighters of the regiment named after the Hero of Russia Akhmat Kadyrov. Thus, he was able to see the very reaction of local residents meeting the Russian army.



When the armored vehicles of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation drove into the city, local residents took to the streets to meet the soldiers. Many waved their hands and shouted “Hurray!”, thus expressing support for the ongoing denazification.

Despite the fear of the possibility of the return of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the inhabitants of Lisichansk spoke very sharply about the nationalist battalions operating in the area, revealing to the correspondent the horror of wartime. Their testimonies follow.



A local volunteer who came out to meet our correspondent says:

"We want peace for Ukraine, kindness, and the Ukrainians killed us with shells. Do you know how many people died from these fragments?! Tell you? Little children died, our sons and daughters! And how we suffered: my sister died, and that's all died from these fragments. Now we can only fight."



The hereditary miner Raduzh Pyotr Bazanovich, who worked and lived in Lisichansk before the escalation of the conflict, testifies:

“Before the war, I worked in a mine in the city of Novodruzhev, which is located in the suburbs of Lisichansk. At first it was more or less calm, but in the last month there were constant bombings. A shell hit the fifth floor of our house, and the mine was completely bombed.

I would especially like to note that looting was very common among the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Ukrainian soldiers broke into stores and stole everything from there. First of all, they robbed pharmacies, and then everything else: food, alcohol, they took everything.

Until the moment of "liberation", humanitarian aid was brought in and distributed. In our country, it was distributed in two or three places: the 14th school, the Red Cross and the House of Technology. And then the House of Technology was simply burned down along with the humanitarian aid. Thank God there weren't many people there. I don't know why this place was bombed."



Nikolai Mikhailovich, a local resident, confirms the crimes of neo-Nazis:

"So far, God has been saving us from bullets and shells. Let's hope for the best so that there are no more excesses, as happened over the past week with us. We, the residents of Lisichansk, suffered a lot. The Ukrainians bombed and shot at us very much. The Ukrainians mined their own police station! As a result, the police exploded, and our house was destroyed by the explosion."



One of the residents who came for humanitarian aid from the Akhmat Kadyrov Foundation reports:

"I was born here and lived for many years. Now people are practically starving. I am generally from another district, from the southern part of the city. I came to my brother on foot, 12 km around. If they bring humanitarian aid, they take it from each other, because people are hungry four sit for months.

There was no water in our area from the very beginning of the war; four and a half months. People collect water in wells, under fire. When you draw water from the well, from four to six minutes whistles over your head. And I had to sit, curled up, and lie down. I curled up, and the man says: “Lie down, fragments are flying along the fence!”.

At first, there was help from the Ukrainian side, but very little. The queues were terrible, crowded. If you stand in line, hungry people will break all your ribs. People beat each other, overturn cars, because everyone is hungry: they were not given pensions for four months! How are we pensioners supposed to survive four months without a pension?! People stood for humanitarian aid for 4-5 hours, and they might not have received it. I had to live from hand to mouth. Water had to be heated in general on a fire, under constant shelling on the street. All in all, it's terrible."



Dmitry, one of the residents who remained in Lisichansk, reports on marauders in the Ukrainian army:

"The war began in 2014, but on February 24, when the operation began, the situation escalated. At first, until May, the Ukrainian military behaved more or less. But in May, when the Ukrainians had a rotation, they turned off everything, including electricity and gas. It looks like the Ukrainians blew up the water supply back in April. That's when it started. On the very first night, the shops were opened and during all this time everything that was there was taken away. You can see the consequences of the actions of the marauders."



One of the pensioners who received humanitarian aid said with tears in her eyes:

“Yes, at first everything was really more or less quiet, but when the Nazis received the weapons of the Anglo-Saxons, they seemed to go berserk. My house was destroyed, my daughter is paralyzed in the basement ... How could I think that I would have to endure such an old age?!

And you, communists, well done, that you follow the instructions of Kim Jong Un, - said the grandmother, pointing with her hand at the double badge of the correspondent, - this is the only thing that should be done with the Americans! After all, they will not calm down either until they themselves die, or until everyone is destroyed.

I really hope the Russians don't leave. For eight years, the Bandera people forbade us to speak our native Russian, they took away churches, and massacred the fighters for independence. I will believe that at least now it will end."



The testimonies of the inhabitants of Donbass, who survived a real hell in the occupation, well show the bestial nature of the United States. US imperialism, accustomed to proxy wars through puppet regimes in other countries, is determined to fight Russia "to the last Ukrainian."

The people of the world will never forget the crimes of the US imperialists and their accomplices.



Information and political magazine "PERSON OF THE COUNTRY"


Ministry of the Chechen Republic for National Policy, External Relations, Press and Information


Interview transcript:
Vladislav Adarkin

Platon Mishakov

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RSTV (Alexander Mostov)
"For the Volga" (Mikhail Mukhlynin)
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