Spokesperson for Ministry of People's Armed Forces of DPRK Blames S. Korean Military for Its Reckless Military Provocation


Dangerous military moves leading to confrontation.


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A spokesperson for the Ministry of the People's Armed Forces of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea made public the following statement on Thursday.

The south Korean military staged a joint military exercise on the hot waters in the Korean West Sea on the 6th by mobilizing more than 20 F-15K, KF-16, F-4E and FA-50 fighters affiliated with the Aerial Fight Command of the Air Force and high-speed boats belonging to the Second Fleet of the Navy.

Such reckless military moves of the south Korean belligerents are an extreme military confrontation which makes their master have nothing more to blame us, who used to express deep regret over our actions "not helpful for relaxation of tension on the Korean peninsula" and demand their stop.

Everything goes back to the original state before the inter-Korean summit talks in 2018.

The recent joint military exercise was openly conducted in the air and sea of the hottest spot in the Korean West Sea where military clash between the north and the south occured in the past presupposing abnormal symptom and provocation of the north.

What is more serious is that the south Korean military conducted the military exercise calling us the "enemy."

It is a serious provocation that cannot be overlooked leading us to obligatory response.

It is also an intentional confrontation nothing can justify.

The south Korean military did not conceal that the purpose of the recent exercise is to increase the responding ability against surprise attack of the north, strike the source of the provocation of the "enemy" and repulse the supporting forces.

The reckless provocation of the south Korean military is a total denial and open betrayal of the inter-Korean military agreements which promised to stop all the hostilities against each other in the ground, sea and air and turn the waters around the West Sea into peace waters.

It convinces us again that the enemy must not be forgotten.

Open challenge of the enemy deserves our response.



May 7th, Juche 109(2020)   

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