More Remains Buried in War Martyrs Cemetery

   Pyongyang, July 20 (KCNA - RSTV)   


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Remains of comrades Kim Ryong Su, U In Sop and Sin Chang Hwal, Heroes of the Republic, were buried at the Fatherland Liberation War Martyrs Cemetery with due ceremony on July 19, ahead of the 69th anniversary of the great victory in the Fatherland Liberation War.

In the period of the war, Comrade Kim Ryong Su led one squad on a mission to defend Height 1025, a point of importance in military strategy. His squad beat back the enemies' dozens of rounds of countercharge to defend the height to the last and he killed one hundred and tens of enemy troops in the battles.

Comrade U In Sop, as an air squadron leader during the war, reliably defended the country's sky with his high aeronautics and marksmanship. He shot down three enemy warplanes only in one battle against the U.S. air pirates.

In the battle to attack Height 351 during the war, Comrade Sin Chang Hwal blew up two enemy pillboxes to make a breach for his unit. And he killed or injured 60-odd enemy troops while defending the height alone and thus greatly contributed to the victory in the battle.

Their remains were buried at the graves.

The participants in the ceremony laid bouquets at their graves and paid a silent tribute to them.


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