South Korean Farmers and Fishermen Oppose CPTPP

   July 19 (Echo of Reunification - RSTV)   


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On July 12, representatives of the agricultural and fishing industry and civil society organizations held a large-scale rally to denounce the agricultural and fishing policies of the conservative gang and win back livelihoods from farmers and fishermen, according to South Korean media reports.

Approximately 7,000 members of civil society organizations such as Farmers Road, the National Federation of Fisheries Associations, the Nationwide Movement to Prevent Accession to the Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (CPTPP), and others, came out with slogans: "Defend the right to life of farmers and fishermen!" and "NO joining CPTPP!".

The protesters said:

“Now we are living in a food crisis, but instead of taking measures to protect the lives of farmers and fishermen, Yoon Suok Yeol is forcing entry into the CPTPP, which will cut the support budget and destroy farmers and fishermen. In addition, Yoon Suok Yeol said that he is also promoting joining the Indian-Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF) – he might as well openly declare that he is going to destroy the lives of already suffering workers.

Yoon Suok Yeol's intention to join the CPTPP will cause huge damage to farmers and fishermen. It can be said that he is going to leave the workers without food and throw them out into the street like unnecessary garbage.”

The protesters expressed their firm will, emphasizing that they would never back down from the struggle for the survival of farmers and fishermen.


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